What are host profiles used for?

What are host profiles used for?

Host Profiles enables you to automate host configuration across a large number of hosts and clusters. In one click, you can instruct VMware vCenter Server to apply a host profile, at which point it configures each host to match the desired configuration state.

What is an ESX host profile?

VMware Host Profiles is a vCenter Server tool for designing and deploying ESX/ESXi hosts. Host Profiles works by encapsulating a reference host configuration and turning it into a profile, or template, upon which other hosts or clusters of hosts can be configured.

How do you remediate a host profile?


  1. Navigate to the profile you want to remediate to the host.
  2. Right-click the host profile and select Remediate.
  3. Select the host or hosts you want to remediate with the host profile.
  4. Enter the host customizations to specify host properties or browse to import a host customization file.

How do I host a vCenter profile?


  1. Navigate to the Host Profiles main view and click Extract Host Profile.
  2. On the Select host page, select the vCenter Server instance where to create the host profile.
  3. Select the host that acts as the reference host and click Next.

What is host in VMware?

A Host is the virtual representation of the computing and memory resources of a physical machine running ESX Server. When one or more physical machines are grouped together to work and be managed as a whole, the aggregate comput- ing and memory resources form a Cluster.

How use ESXi host profile?

Select your host profile on the Host Profiles page in VMware vSphere Client. On the details page of the selected Host Profiles, click Actions > Attach/Detach Hosts and Clusters. In the Attach/Detach window, select the ESXi host you want the host profile to apply to.

What is vSphere content library?

The VMware vSphere Content Library is a centralized repository in vSphere 6 to help manage and distribute virtual machines, templates, ISO images, scripts, vApps and other files related to virtual machines.

What is remediation in vmware?

When you remediate a cluster of hosts sequentially and one of the hosts fails to enter maintenance mode, Update Manager reports an error, and the process stops and fails. The hosts in the cluster that are remediated stay at the updated level.

How do you set host customizations before proceeding with host remediation?


  1. Navigate to Host Profiles main view.
  2. Right-click the host profile and select Edit Host Customizations.
  3. Select the host or hosts for which to edit the customization, and click Next.
  4. (Optional) In the Customize hosts page, you can Import Host Customization .
  5. Edit the host configuration values.
  6. Click Finish.

How do I update my ESXi host profile?


  1. Upgrade your vCenter Server instance to version 7.0.
  2. Upgrade all ESXi hosts in the cluster to version 7.0.
  3. Remediate the cluster against the host profile with version 6.5.
  4. Extract a new host profile from an ESXi 7.0 host.
  5. Attach the host profile with version 7.0 to the cluster.

Which file extension can export host customization for host profiles?

.CSV file
If a host profile contains any customized attributes, you can export it to a . CSV file on your desktop.

What is a host profile?

It is a representation of the configuration of a so called Reference Host captured as a managed object. The host profile, once created, may be applied to any other host you want identically configured. Even better, a host profile can be applied to a cluster so all the member hosts can inherit the same configuration.

How to extract host profile from a host?

Select the Host from which you want to Extract Host Profile. Click Next. Give a Name and Description for the Host Profile. Click Finish to create. In this we will see and configure the host profile which configuration we want to use in the host profile.

What is host profile in VMware vCenter?

Host Profile is a vCenter Feature which is very useful when you have multiple hosts in your virtual infrastructure. Host Profile allows you to configure a standard policy which can be applied to all the hosts to maintain similar consistent configuration across all. In this post we will see on How to Create and Configure Host Profile.

How do I attach a host to a host profile?

To attach a cluster or ESXi host to a host profile, right-click on the resource and select Attach Host Profile from the Host Profiles menu. You are also presented with the option to customize the host (default setting) or skip it altogether.