What are the 6 yin meridians?

What are the 6 yin meridians?

They are located in each arm and leg, have yin-yang properties, and are connected to a specific Zang-fu organ. There are six yin meridians that are located in the inner region of the arms, legs, chest, and torso. The six yang meridians are located on the outer region of the arms, legs, head, and torso.

What are the 8 extraordinary meridians?

Their names are: Liver (Liv), Spleen (Sp), Stomach (St), Gallbladder (GB), Small Intestine (SI), Pericardium (P), Triple Burner (SJ), Heart (HT), Kidney (Kid), Large Intestine (LI), Lung (Lu), and Bladder (UB). There are also eight extraordinary meridians aforementioned.

What are the 2 special meridians?

The meridian through Greenwich (inside Greenwich Park), England, called the Prime Meridian, was set at zero degrees of longitude, while other meridians were defined by the angle at the center of the earth between where it and the prime meridian cross the equator.

What are the confluent points?

The eight extraordinary confluent points are a very popular set of acupuncture points in the modern practice of acupuncture. They are also called the intersection, meeting, command, opening, master, and the flowing and pooling points of the eight extraordinary vessels.

What are the three Yang meridians in TCM?

The three yang meridians are located on the exterior parts of the body and as a disease or evil progresses the disease’s symptoms will progress along the more interior yin meridians. Therefore, a TCM practitioner is able to identify what stage of a disease a patient has by the signs and symptoms displayed upon one of these six meridians.

What is the 6 Meridian theory?

The 6 meridian theory refers to the 3 yang and 3 yin patterns known as Tai Yang, Yang Ming, Shao Yang, Tai Yin, Shao Yin and Jue Yin.

What is Tai Yang and Yang Ming?

Since most animals’ backs receive the greatest amount of sunlight, the back or posterior region is usually named as the Tai Yang position. Similarly, the position of Shao Yang and Yang Ming are located at more anterior regions where less sunlight is received.

What is Yang Ming disease?

Yang Ming disease refers to conditions where exogenous wind and cold evils have converted into heat evils and transmit directly into the interior, attacking the Yang Ming meridians, which run through the stomach and intestines. This may also be caused by delayed treatment leading to body fluid consumption.