What are the characteristic of a good curriculum?

What are the characteristic of a good curriculum?

Every aspect of the curriculum should have a clear objective or end goal to achieve. A good curriculum is not rigid- it allows room for flexibility, monitoring and evaluation by administration. It should provide sufficient scope for the cultivation of unique skills, interest, attitudes and appreciations.

What are the different components of curriculum?

The four components of the curriculum are :

  • Curriculum Aims, Goals and Objectives.
  • Curriculum Content or Subject Matter.
  • Curriculum Experience.
  • Curriculum Evaluation.

Is active learning a pedagogy?

Abstract: Active learning methodology has become a preferred way to change the traditional teacher centered classroom into the newer student centered approach to learning. Cognitive activators and cognitive domains will be described in an active learning pedagogy cycle.

What are the different teaching pedagogies?

You’ll learn about the different aspects of pedagogy and four common forms of pedagogy: social, critical, culturally responsive and Socratic. Examples for each will provide greater insight into how you can apply different pedagogical teaching styles to your own classroom.

What is the difference between present and past teachers?

Nowadays, most of the teachers have more responsibilities compared to the teachers in the past. On the other hand, teachers in the past were holding less responsibilities than nowadays. For example, teachers in the past, they were just teaching students, give homework to them and return home after school.

What are the examples of phantom curriculum?

15. PHANTOM CURRICULUM The message prevalent in and through exposure to media. CONCOMITANT CURRICULUM This type of curriculum may be received at church, in the content of religious expression, lessons on values, ethics or morals, moulded behaviours, or social experiences based on a family’s preferences.

What is the difference between pedagogy and curriculum?

In traditional education, curriculum is the content you teach, while pedagogy is seen as the way in which you teach it. Pedagogy and curriculum thus blend together as the understanding between how to teach and why you teach in a certain way as defined in K-12 education.

Is pedagogy the same as teaching?

Pedagogy is often described as the act of teaching. The pedagogy adopted by teachers shapes their actions, judgments, and other teaching strategies by taking into consideration theories of learning, understandings of students and their needs, and the backgrounds and interests of individual students.

What is an example of pedagogy?

Pedagogy Examples One of the most powerful pedagogical examples is where students and teachers produce work and learning together. The teacher becomes more of a mentor or coach helping students achieve the learning goal. Students can practice with a partner before attempting to complete their homework on their own.