What are the minerals and their common uses?

What are the minerals and their common uses?

For example, iron (as steel) is used in cars or for frames of buildings, copper is used in electrical wiring, and aluminium is used in aircraft and to make drink cans. Precious metals are used in jewellery and mobile phones. Construction minerals include sand and gravel, brick clay and crushed rock aggregates.

What are 10 minerals we use everyday?

[PHOTOS] 10 minerals that make modern life work

  1. Copper. Copper is the most vital mineral to modern life, used in everything from electrical wiring in households and cars to the saucepans in our kitchens.
  2. Platinum.
  3. Iron ore.
  4. Silver.
  5. Gold.
  6. Cobalt.
  7. Bauxite.
  8. Lithium.

What are the 7 common minerals?

They include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride and sulfur. You only need small amounts of trace minerals. They include iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride and selenium.

What are 5 everyday uses of minerals in real life?


  • Aggregates and Crushed Stone (for concrete)
  • Bauxite (aluminum)
  • Clay and Shale (for cement)
  • Coal (by-product coke is used to make steel)
  • Cobalt (magnets)
  • Copper (wiring)
  • Gypsum (for cement)
  • Iron ore (steel)

What is the most used mineral?

Feldspar. Feldspar is the most common mineral on Earth. Since it is most commonly found in granite, this mineral is used mostly as a building material. Feldspar : Characteristics of the two types of feldspar.

What are the minerals used in household?


Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Clay, Iron Plumbing Fixtures
Stone, Brick, Iron Fireplace, Stove, Furnace
Limestone, Clay, Shale, Gypsum, Aggregate Foundation, Driveway
Trona, Silica, Feldspar Windows (Glass)

What are the 4 most common minerals?

The feldspar-group, a very complex mixture of oxygen, silicon, aluminum and trace elements like sodium, potassium, calcium and more exotic elements like barium, are by far the most common minerals, making up almost 58% of all to a geologist accessible rocks, especially magmatic and metamorphic ones.

What are the ten most common minerals?

“The Big Ten” minerals are: olivine, augite, hornblende, biotite, calcium-rich plagioclase (anorthite), sodium-rich plagioclase (albite), potassium-rich feldspar (commonly orthoclase), muscovite, quartz, and calcite.

What minerals are used in household?

What are some common minerals and how are they used?

– 900 pounds of lead – 700 pounds of zinc – 1,300 pounds of copper – 3,600 pounds of bauxite (aluminum) – 30,000 pounds of ore

What are the 8 most common minerals?

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What are the most common minerals?

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How to identify common minerals?

properties. The physical properties of minerals are determined by the atomic structure and crystal chemistry of the minerals. The most common physical properties are crystal form, color, hardness, cleavage, and specific gravity. CRYSTALS One of the best ways to identify a mineral is by examining its crystal form (external shape). A crystal is