What are the Olympic trial cuts for swimming?

What are the Olympic trial cuts for swimming?

2022 Trials vs Olympic Trials Cuts

Men Women
54.19 53.37 1:00.39
2:01.19 1:59.63 2:14.19
2:04.09 2:03.02 2:16.59
4:25.99 4:23.24 4:50.79

What is the difference between Wave 1 and Wave 2 of Olympic Trials?

Wave I will feature athletes who made the original Olympic Trials qualifying times, with the top 2 finishers in each event moving on to the Wave II meet the following week. Athletes who hit a new set of tougher qualifying times are locked into the Wave II meet already.

How deep is the Olympic swim trials pool?

The competition pool’s slightly deeper than 2.5 meters and then the warmup pool is 2 meters deep,” Mintenko says. “We’ve got a deep, fast pool and we’ve got all the state-of-the-art equipment in it.”

How many swim Olympic Trials qualify?

A maximum of 56 swimmers (28 of each gender, not including open water swimmers) can qualify to compete for the U.S. in swimming at the Olympic Games Tokyo—two per individual event.

How do USA Swimming Olympic Trials work?

Each of the eight nights of trials will feature either three or four finals — beginning with the men’s 400-meter IM on Sunday and ending with the men’s 1,500-meter freestyle June 20 — and as many as four semifinals. (Semifinals are used only for events of 200 meters or shorter.) The complete schedule follows.

How many swimmers can U.S. send to Olympics?

Selection Procedures. The Olympic team can have a maximum of 26 men and 26 women. That’s not a USA Swimming limitation – that’s the FINA rule governing every Olympic swimming team in the world. No team can have more than 26 men or 26 women on their pool swimming roster.

Why are Olympic swimming pools cold?

However, artistic swimming pools must be within a degree of 27 degrees Celsius or 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit. USA Swimming in 2017 said the pool is set to a certain temperature as a safety precaution for athletes. If a pool is too warm, it can cause dehydration, overheating or worse.

How warm is the Olympic pool?

77° to 82.4° Fahrenheit
How cold are Olympic pools? Overall, water temperatures for competitions need to be between 25° to 28° Celsius or 77° to 82.4° Fahrenheit.

What are the time standards for the 2021 Olympic Swimming Trials?

2021 US Olympic Swimming Trials Time Standards MEN MEN WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN Wave II Cut Original Cut Time (Wave I Cut) Event Original Cut Time (Wave I Cut) Wave II Cut 22.71 23.19 50 Free 25.99 25.65 49.74 50.49 100 Free 56.29 55.56 1:49.65 1:50.79 200 Free 2:01.69 2:00.24

What are the wave II cuts in swimming?

The Wave II Cuts are set based on the 41st qualifier for the Olympic Trials as it stands today. Anybody who has already hit a Wave II cut, or who hits a Wave II Cut going forward, will be able to swim at the Wave II event. In other words, there is a time cut for the Wave II meet, not a hard placement cut.

Who are the finals results from the CHI Health Center swim meet?

All the finals results from the swimming at the CHI Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska. Full results including split times and semi-final results available here. 1. Bobby Finke, SPA-FL, 14:46.06

How are heats and finals conducted at the Olympics?

* The 800m and 1500m freestyle events will be conducted as timed finals, with the fastest seeded heat in each of these events swimming in the Finals sessions. All other heats of the 800m and 1500m freestyle events will swim fastest to slowest, alternating women and men following the conclusion of that morning’s preliminary session.