What are the Two Kinds Amy Tan is referring to in her short story?

What are the Two Kinds Amy Tan is referring to in her short story?

The story focuses on two themes: the American Dream and the tension between mothers and daughters. Like many immigrants, Mrs. Woo believes in America’s promise: With hard work and a little luck, Jing-mei can be anything that she chooses to be.

What is the theme of Amy Tan’s Two Kinds?

In Two Kinds by Amy Tan we have the theme of hope, identity, rebellion, responsibility, blame, independence and acceptance. Narrated in the first person by a woman called Jing-mei Woo the story is a memory piece and after reading the story the reader realises that Tan may be exploring the theme of hope.

What are the character traits of Jing-Mei in Two Kinds?

Jing-mei is strong willed (she got it from her mama) but a lot of that strength of will manifests in the least helpful way possible: Jing-mei undercuts her own successes in life just to show everyone she can. That’s the adult equivalent of a toddler holding their breath to win an argument.

What does the piano symbolize for Jing-Mei and her mother in Two Kinds?

Jing-mei’s thirtieth birthday gift was the piano. She “saw the offer as a sign of forgiveness, a tremendous burden removed.” The piano represents reconciliation between mother and daughter. Jing-mei took it as a sign of acceptance and she later realized that her mother had never given up on her.

Who is the main character in Two Kinds by Amy Tan?

Jing-mei Woo
Character List. Jing-mei Woo (June) is the narrator as well as the protagonist. After being pushed by her mother to become a prodigy, she develops a rebellious attitude toward her mother.

What does the title Two Kinds refer to?

The title “Two Kinds” refers to two types of daughters: the obedient kind and the independent kind. Jing-mei feels that she has disappointed her mother time and time again by being the latter kind and asserting her will again and again against her mother’s wishes.

What is the lesson in Two Kinds?

In “Two Kinds” the mother and daughter relationship is unbalanced. The mother, Suyuan, believes Jing Mei can accomplish the American dream and become successful. In “The Lesson”, the story focuses on poverty and wealth in the world.

Who is the main character in Two Kinds?

What is an Mei’s mother’s name?

Suyuan Woo

Suyuan Woo Jing Mei’s mother. A joy luck auntie who lost her twin babies.
Canning Woo Suyuan’s second husband.
Ying-Ying St. Clair Suyuan’s friend. aka: Betty St. Clair.
Jack Auntie Ying’s brother. A joy luck uncle.

What does the title Two Kinds mean what are there Two Kinds of what do those Two Kinds have to do with the piano pieces pleading child and perfectly contented?

What do pleading child and perfectly contented mean?

Jing-mei realizes that the “Pleading Child” who disobeyed her mother has now become a “Perfectly Contented” adult, a woman who reconsiders her mother’s expectations with a new sense of willingness and acceptance.