What buildings are around Plaza Bolivar Bogota?

What buildings are around Plaza Bolivar Bogota?

The square is bordered by the senior cathedral in Colombia (Cathedral Primada) and archbishop’s palace, the Capitol building, the Alcalda (mayor and city government), and the Supreme Court of Colombia. A statue of the libertador of Gran Colombia, Simon Bolivar, occupies the space and the center of the plaza.

Why is the Plaza de Bolivar so important and what is it used for?

Plaza de Bolívar is Bogotá’s grand central square, where you can admire historical landmarks and enjoy free cultural activities. Established in the 1500s, the square received a makeover in 1960 to commemorate Colombia’s 150th year of independence.

When was Bolivar Square built?

The first building on the square, a primitive cathedral, was constructed in 1539, a year after the foundation of the Colombian capital. During the Spanish colonial period, Bolívar Square was the stage for circus acts, public markets and bullfights….Plaza de Bolívar, Bogotá

Status National monument (19 October 1995)

How old is the Bolivar Square?

Bolívar Square (Spanish: Plaza Bolívar) in Caracas is one of the most important and recognized Venezuelan public spaces. It is located in the center of the first 25 blocks of Caracas when it was founded as “Santiago de León de Caracas” in 1567.

What is Plaza Bolívar Bogotá used for?

Bolívar Square has been at the center of the country’s history for centuries. It used to be a public circus and bull market, among other things, and a wide variety of cultural and social events are still held here.

What events take place in Plaza Bolivar Caracas?

Due to its significant dimensions, at 2 km in length, the avenue is used for a wide range of events both political – e.g. marches, protests, demonstrations, rallies, and campaign events – as well as cultural and sporting.

How big is the Plaza Bolívar Caracas?