What characters does Eric Stuart voice?

What characters does Eric Stuart voice?

Stuart voiced James and Brock again as well as the character of Squirtle (a blue turtle with incredible water-spouting power) in “Pokemon: The Movie 2000,” and from 1998 to 2008, he did these three voices for the “Pokemon” television series.

What happened to Eric Stuart?

He was the voice of Brock and James from Season 1 to Season 8, but left the show when Pokémon USA and TAJ Productions took over dubbing from 4Kids. Stuart was replaced by Bill Rogers who took over the role of Brock and James Carter Cathcart who took over the role of James and Butch.

Do Brock and James have the same voice actor?

Eric Stuart is a voice actor known for voicing Seto Kaiba, Brock, and James.

Is Eric Stuart retired?

He retired from voice acting to work on new material for his band. However, he reprised his role as Gourry in Slayers Revolution-R in 2010, and started making more frequent guest appearances at anime conventions in 2011. He also reprised his role of Seto Kaiba in 2017 for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.

Who is the voice of Yami Yugi?

Shunsuke KazamaYu-Gi-Oh! (LAS)
Dan GreenYu-Gi-Oh! (LAS)Megumi OgataYu-Gi-Oh! (LAS)
Yugi Mutou/Voiced by

What happened to Ash’s original voice actor?

In addition to other characters in the TV series, Veronica voiced Ash in English for the first eight seasons of Pokémon, before being replaced by Sarah Natochenny from season nine onwards. ‘They replaced us, Pokémon USA replaced us after the eighth season. None of us had the choice to go on with the show after that.

Is Eric Stuart married?

Jenna MaliziaEric Stuart / Spouse

Who is the voice of Seto Kaiba?

Kenjiro TsudaYu-Gi-Oh! GX
Hikaru MidorikawaYu-Gi-Oh!Eric StuartYu-Gi-Oh! (LAS)
Seto Kaiba/Voiced by

Who was the voice actor for Oryx?

JB Blanc is the voice of Oryx in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Why did Veronica Taylor quit voicing Ash?

However, according to statements made by Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart, the voice actors were to be replaced with different sound-a-like voice actors to keep production costs low.