What did Tyler do to Monty in 13 Reasons Why?

What did Tyler do to Monty in 13 Reasons Why?

In the finale of 13 Reasons Why season 2, we see Monty corner him in the boy’s bathroom. He beats Tyler badly, brutally dunks him in and out of the toilet bowl, and then brutally sodomizes him with a broom handle several times over, leaving him bleeding out onto the floor.

Who sexually abused Justin Foley?

Justin has never met his father. When he was five years old, he was molested by one of his mother’s boyfriends.

Who was sexually assaulted in 13 Reasons Why?

Bryce was revealed to be the high school student who raped Hannah in season one and in season two, with the help of Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) coming forward during a public trial, the privileged teen was outed as a serial rapist who helped foster a culture of sexual assault and abuse at the athletic department of …

Why did Tyler buy a gun?

Photographer Tyler (Devin Druid) was severely bullied throughout the entirety of the show, and Tyler acquired an arsenal of guns that became a threat of violence that loomed over season 2.

Does Jessica ever tell the truth about Bryce?

In episode 13, Jessica takes the stand to testify against Bryce, who was arrested in the penultimate episode of the season. Standing in front of the judge, she tells the truth about what Bryce did to her the night of her own party.

What did Bryce do to Jessica?

Who Did Bryce Rape? After that we learn (and unfortunately see) Bryce rape not one, but two students at Liberty High School, both Hannah and Jessica (Alisha Boe). He rapes Jessica while she’s passed out, drunk, and unable to consent to anything.

Does Tyler shoot Bryce?

But then Bryce’s true cause of death is revealed: blunt force trauma, ruling Tyler out. Tyler did, however, play a minor role in how everyone found out about Bryce’s death — he anonymously called a tip into the police when he spotted the body in the water.

Who actually killed Bryce?

Alex Standall

What episode does Tyler get assaulted by Monty?

The episode, titled “Bye”, shows yearbook photographer Tyler Down [Devin Druid], get assaulted with a broken mop by evil bully Monty [Timothy Granaderos].

Does Tyler in 13 Reasons Why kill himself?

But the tragic truth was revealed: he was living with HIV and AIDS, something he contracted while selling himself for sex when he was homeless. The disease had become too much for his body to recover from and he died in hospital.

Does Tyler tell what happened to him?

While Season 2 saw Tyler brutally sexually assaulted and determined to carry out a school shooting, Season 3 featured him finally getting closure and healing after what happened to him. Tyler is in a healthier place now than he’s ever been, which is what makes the reveal at the end of Season 3 such a gut punch.

Who killed Monty in 13 Reasons Why?

But as fans who tuned in for Season 3 will recall, it was Alex Standall (Miles Heizer) and Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) who were responsible for the serial rapist’s death.

What did Tyler do to Alex?

Tyler helps Alex shoot himself. This theory supposes that Tyler was still involved in Alex’s death, but instead gave him the gun with which to shoot himself.

Does Tyler shoot up the school in 13rw?

Throughout the entire episode, Tony believed that it was Tyler who was the school shooter. After finding photos of guns in his notebook and remembering how he once brought a gun to the school dance at the end of season 2, he believed that they weren’t able to help him enough and brought the evidence to a teacher.

Did Jessica sleep with Bryce again?

Jessica reassured she would to be there for him no matter what he’s going through. They got back together. When Ani revealed to Jessica that she slept with Bryce, Jessica confessed what had happened to Bryce.

Is 13 reasons why discontinued?

S eason four of cult teen drama 13 Reasons Why is set to drop on Netflix on June 5. This season will be the show’s last, as confirmed in a statement by the streaming site.

Who really killed Bryce Walker?

Did Alex’s dad know that Alex killed Bryce?

This also answers the question about whether or not Alex’s dad knew that it was his son who was responsible for Bryce’s death. I don’t think he knew all along, but he ultimately did figure it out. And just like Alex’s friends, he decided to cover for his son.

What is Tony hiding in 13 Reasons Why?

Tony has a secret, and Hannah kept it for him. We know Tony has an anger problem. Tony’s big secret is that Hannah protected him when he ran away from the police after the beating. In turn, Hannah trusted him with her secrets. She trusted him with the tapes because they kept each other’s secrets.

What did Tony do to a 15 year old?

TikTok star Tony Lopez is coming under fire after reports surfaced that the 20-year-old had been sending sexually explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl. The allegations come less than a year after the influencer made headlines for nude images of himself reportedly being leaked on Twitter.

Why did Monty hurt Tyler?

After the groups’ efforts to destroy Bryce and the jocks, it caused enough problems for the school to cancel the rest of the sports season, Montgomery and two other jocks got revenge and they assaulted Tyler Down, Monty took it further and sexually assaulted him via sodomization with a mop handle.