What do the uniform colors mean in Star Trek The Original Series?

What do the uniform colors mean in Star Trek The Original Series?

The colors include white for command; gold for engineering; gray for science, communications and navigation; dark green for security; light green for medical; dark blue for operations; light blue for special services; and red for low-grade officers and officer cadets.

What is the rank structure in Star Trek?


Pips Rank
Three (Solid) Commander
Four (Solid) Captain
One (Solid w/ square border) Admiral, one star
Two (Solid w. square border) Admiral, two star

How do you see your Star Trek rank?

Rank was displayed on the right breast of the Starfleet uniforms, above a colored shoulder trim denoting what department the crew member was assigned to (command gold, operations red, or sciences blue.)

What do the dots on Star Trek uniforms mean?

Captains wore four pips; commanders wore three; lieutenant commanders wore two full pips and one hollow one; lieutenants wore two pips; junior lieutenants wore one full pip, and one hollow pip; and lowly ensigns wore only a single pip.

Why does Worf have a sash?

Christopher Writer Admiral One of the unique attributes of Worf’s character is the fact that he wears a sash or baldric to honor his Klingon heritage. At first, he wore a golden sash, a replica of the baldrics worn by Kor and Kang in TOS.

What rank is crewman?

In some science fiction (most notably Star Trek), crewman is the lowest military rank on board a spacecraft, analogous to seaman in many real world navies. The term “crewman” may also be used interchangeably with the non-gender specific form as “crewperson” or “crewmember”.

Do Star Trek officers wear rank insignia?

Starfleet officers in STAR TREK: The Original Series typically wear rank insignia in the form of braid attached to their uniform sleeves. Braid is gold in overall colour and worn on Service Uniforms and Service Dress Uniforms, but not on Full Dress Uniforms or Working Uniforms. (More detail on uniform variants is given below.)

What is the Star Trek uniform called?

The debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation saw the next radical reinvention of the Starfleet uniform. The uniform featured a streamlined jumpsuit design, with the pants and shoulders in black, and the torso either red for command, gold for operations, or blue for sciences. The rank insignia were displayed on the collarbone.

What was the first Star Trek officer to wear a stripe?

Officers in the first Star Trek pilot, “The Cage,” wore a single gold sleeve stripe, and only the officer grades of “lieutenant” and “captain” were used in dialog. A “chief” was also visible, but wearing a different sleeve stripe.

What does the Star Trek rank system look like?

Both had a gray jacket The rank system of the Star Trek universe resembles that of the United States Navy and many Commonwealth of Nations navies, in contrast to other science fiction franchises that use an army ranking system. In Star Trek: The Original Series ( TOS) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, ranks are indicated by sleeve stripes.