What does Effed up mean?

What does Effed up mean?

Definition of effed up informal. —used as a euphemism for fucked-up [Kim] Kardashian West took to Twitter soon after. Our system is so effed up, she said.— George HaleI knew some seriously twisted, effed up stuff happens on this show, but that completely took me by surprise.—

What is the meaning of messed up?

to make a mistake
Definition of mess up : to make a mistake : to do something incorrectly About halfway into the recipe, I realized that I had messed up, and I had to start over. —often + on She’s afraid she’ll mess up on the test. I messed up on my first attempt.

What does icing up mean in slang?

slang a concentrated and highly potent form of methamphetamine with dangerous side effects. 6. break the ice.

What’s another way of saying fed up?

Other ways to say fed up include weary or sick and tired.

What does Cray Cray mean in texting?

Cray-cray definition (slang) Crazy. adjective.

What is the meaning of being sexist?

sexism, prejudice or discrimination based on sex or gender, especially against women and girls.

How do you say messed up formal?

  1. confused,
  2. deranged,
  3. disarranged,
  4. disarrayed,
  5. discomposed,
  6. disheveled.
  7. (or dishevelled),
  8. disjointed,

How do you use mess up?

Mess up sentence example

  1. He wasn’t going to mess up her interview.
  2. Sometimes they mess up and over react, especially when they’re scared.
  3. Besides, it would mess up your nice new uniform.
  4. I make sure ambitious people like you don’t mess up this world.

What is ice Urban?

Ice is a slang name for crystal methamphetamine – a stimulant drug that is swallowed, smoked or injected. Ice is also called shabu, tina, T, crystal and meth.

What does icing someone out mean?

ice out. 1. To treat someone with a lack of affection or warmth. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “ice” and “out.” I don’t understand why Nelle is icing me out like this—what did I ever do to her? 2.

What is opposite of fed up?

▲ (tired of) Opposite of bored or fed up with. engrossed. absorbed. engaged.

Is fed up an emotion?

These emotions of feeling a bit down, fed-up or sad are described by doctors as ‘low mood’ and are part and parcel of life’s rich tapestry.