What does Iyanden mean?

What does Iyanden mean?

Iyanden is an Asuryani craftworld, the greatest worldship of the Aeldari Empire that was. It drifts through the stars of the eastern rim. Once, its halls were busy and vibrant with life, but no longer. Now, it is but a shadow of its former glory, a sombre and desolate vessel where the dead walk and the living dwindle.

Did Fabius Bile clone Horus?

Bile went about continuing his work from before the Heresy, attempting to unravel the secrets of gene-seed and the Emperor’s science in creating the Primarchs. To that end, Bile continued to clone Primarchs as he had Ferrus Manus earlier. After capturing Horus’ body on Maleum, Bile created a clone of Horus.

Is Fabius Bile a primarch?

The Primogenitor Primaris Fabius Bile first learned of the existence of the Primaris Space Marines in the days after the birth of the Great Rift while upon the world of Agrathane Excellia.

Who Cloned Horus?

Inside Fabius’ central laboratory, they found the horrifyingly mutated adolescent clones of all 20 Primarchs. After Abaddon’s forces slew these abominations, an annoyed Fabius unleashed the clone of Horus himself. The clone of Horus, wielding Worldbreaker, took a heavy toll on the Black Legion.

What happened to the Remembrancers?

Taken to the audience chamber aboard Horus’ flagship the Vengeful Spirit, the Remembrancers were gunned down by Horus’ Justaerin Terminators.

Is the fulgrim clone still alive?

Fulgrim survived the wound however thanks to the efforts of Fabius Bile. After a brief boarding battle with the Sisypheum that saw the ship escape yet again, the two Primarchs arrived in the Eye and quickly landed on the Crone World of Iydris.

Who are the Haemonculi?

Haemonculi are Dark Eldar masters of pain, agony, and biological manipulation. [1] The first Haemonculi were originally the masters of the ancient Eldar Empire. [2b]

How do the Haemonculi inflict horror?

The Haemonculi are always seeking new ways to inflict horror upon the denizens of the Materium. Certain Covens, such as the Children of Bone, specialize in developing thin Grotesques to aid them upon the battlefield, while the Coven of the Ebon Sting are famed for their especially venomous Engines of Pain.

What is Haemonculi wargear?

Haemonculi are known for carrying strange but lethal wargear unique to them. Some of this wargear is impossible to obtain even by Archons . As every Haemonculus is old, perverse, and cunning, they carry some “dirty tricks” in their tainted sleeves.

Why are the Haemonculi of Commorragh feared?

The Haemonculi and their covens are all secretly feared by the denizens of Commorragh despite their service, for one knows what horrors await if one crosses one of their order. Every Haemonculus considers himself akin to a god, and hence surrounds himself with a retinue of freakish acolytes that obey his every whim without hesitation.