What does Wipro BPO do?

What does Wipro BPO do?

Wipro BPO, the Business Process Outsourcing service line of Wipro Technologies, is one of the largest BPO service providers on a global delivery platform. Wipro BPO has the capabilities to provide onshore, nearshore, offshore and hybrid delivery options with operations in more than 28 centers in 11 countries.

What is Wipro BPO called?

Wipro had acquired Spectramind in 2002 but has now changed its name to Wipro BPO and is doing well in the offshoring venture. Wipro, before it changed its name to Wipro BPO, had worked well through the Spectramind e-services and had 31 clients in 2004-05.

What is Wipro in simple words?

WIPRO stands for Western India Products. It is a private limited multinational IT consulting and system integration Service Company headquartered in Bangalore India.

What do you know about the Wipro company?

Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services….Wipro.

Wipro headquarters on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore
Founded 29 December 1945
Founder Muhammed Hasham Premji
Headquarters Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, Karnataka , India
Area served Worldwide

Why do u want to join Wipro?

An inspiring combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play, and a great work culture makes Wipro an exhilarating workplace. All Wiproites can expect a bouquet of benefits as they walk in to discover a career for life.

Why do u want to join BPO best answer?

By joining BPO will get to learn and know lot of new methods in a efficient working environment, interact, communicate with different people across different countries and explore my knowledge & skills on a global platform.

What is the slogan of Wipro?

Applying Thought
New Delhi: Wipro Ltd, India’s third biggest software services firm, has redesigned its brand identity, abandoning the iconic rainbow flower logo with the tagline ‘Applying Thought’.

What are the values of Wipro?

Along with its new identity, Wipro has also rearticulated the Spirit of Wipro, its core values: Be passionate about clients’ success, Treat each person with respect, Be global and responsible, and Unyielding integrity in everything we do.

What is Wipro motto?

Wipro abandons iconic rainbow flower logo with the tagline ‘Applying Thought’ New Delhi: Wipro Ltd, India’s third biggest software services firm, has redesigned its brand identity, abandoning the iconic rainbow flower logo with the tagline ‘Applying Thought’.

What is the history of Wipro in the Philippines?

Wipro Philippines Inc. is a subsidiary of WIPRO Technologies, the global IT and Business Services division of WIPRO Limited that is based in India. We’ve been running operations in Cebu since 2006 and in Quezon City since 2010. We cater to a lot of international clients in terms of outsourcing their customer service and technical support concerns.

The Company offers finance and accounting, human resource outsourcing, customer management, and knowledge services. Wipro BPO serves clients worldwide. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

How many employees does Wipro have?

Recognized as a global leader in the software and services industry, Wipro has a workforce of over 175,000 employees providing a wide range of services to clients in over 175 cities spread across 6 continents. The company is headed by Azim Premji, who is also the chairman of the board.

What are the three principles of Wipro?

Our achievement has been possible with Wiproites leading the way focusing on three main principles: Intensity to Win, Act with Sensitivity, and Unyielding Integrity. Interested candidates are encouraged to APPLY ONLINE.