What engines are on the 747 800?

What engines are on the 747 800?

GEnx-2B67 engines The aircraft has four engines mounted under the wings. The engine selected for the aircraft is the GEnx-2B67, the General Electric next-generation engine. The design of the 747-8 aircraft engine is slightly modified variant of the GEnx engine developed for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Is Boeing still making 747 800?

On July 2, 2020, media reports stated that Boeing intends to end 747 production in 2022 after the 16 outstanding orders are built and delivered. The demand for four-engine airliners has been flat for several years, with most orders going to the freighter version.

Who makes Boeing 747 engines?

The 747 is a quadjet, initially powered by Pratt & Whitney JT9D turbofan engines, then General Electric CF6 and Rolls-Royce RB211 engines for the original variants. With a ten-abreast economy seating, it typically accommodates 366 passengers in three travel classes.

Do you get pajamas on Lufthansa business class?

Lufthansa provides sleepshirts (not pyjamas) on LONG NIGHT flights. And not on short flights during the night. But once again if it’s a long flight during the night, business class passengers get a sleepshirt. Not on demand; those shirts will be given to all business class passengers.

How many Lufthansa 747 are there?

eight Boeing
According to data from ch-aviation.com, five of Lufthansa’s eight Boeing 747-400 aircraft are listed as active. This compares to 17 out of 19 Boeing 747-8s. With more -8s in the fleet and more active, it will be no surprise that the newer -8s are responsible for more of the Lufthansa Jumbo Jet schedule.

What is the business class configuration on a Lufthansa 747?

The business class configuration of the Lufthansa B747-800 is 2-2-2 on the main deck and 2-2 on the upper deck. I had a window seat, and as the flight was busy there was a passenger next to me.

What is business class like on a Boeing 747-8?

Business class on the Lufthansa 747-8 is split into three cabins:. The configuration I flew had 80 biz seats: 48 on the lower deck divided into a 36-seat main section and a minicabin directly behind with just 12 seats, plus 32 on the upper deck. (Lufthansa also flies another version of the 747-8, with even more biz-class capacity at 92 seats.)

Where does Lufthansa fly its Boeing 747-8s?

The 747-8 we flew for this article, originally published in May 2019, currently serves the United States only on the route from Frankfurt to Chicago and back, operating three times a week. That is the only U.S. destination, along with Newark, that Lufthansa is flying to until May 2, according to is current schedule.

Is business class worth it on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa’s business class is still a solid way way to get across the Atlantic. Despite the objectively dated hard product, I had an extremely friendly crew, comfortable amenities and decent food.