What episode in Top Gear did they drive trucks?

What episode in Top Gear did they drive trucks?

Jeremy and the boys wonder how hard it is to be a truck driver – and ponder for long enough to buy three lorries and take on a series of challenges.

What is the truck in Top Gear?

Toyota Hilux
The Toyota Hilux are a series of compact pickup trucks made by Toyota. They have been produced since 1968, and in that time, there have been eight generations. Since the 3rd series of the show, the Hilux has grown to become one of the most venerated names in the history of Top Gear.

Is the Top Gear bridge still there?

Unfortunately, the bridge was then taken down after the filming even though we asked for it to remain in place as it was an excellent facility for the local people.

How tough is the Toyota Hilux?

The durability test aimed to employ all the beating and abuse the Hilux could get in decades of use, all cramped in one day. Starting with something as mundane as slamming the doors, the front passenger side gave up easily, but the rear one took up to 1,000 cycles of hard slams – and still live through them.

Are tundras the most reliable truck?

The rankings have officially arrived, and according to the J.D. Power, the 2019 Toyota Tundra is the most dependable full-size truck you can buy in 2022. This doesn’t feel like a surprise because Toyota has one excellent reputation for reliability. In 2019, the Toyota Tundra was near the end of its lifecycle.

Do tundras make good work trucks?

Plus, with quality, dependability, and reliability as its top priorities, we can’t ignore the Tundra’s work truck qualities; there is certainly a case for the Tundra as a work truck.

Who really built the Top Gear bridge?

The completed bridge in Thailand. The Bridge over the River Kok was a river bridge that was built by the entire production crew of Top Gear, including the show’s three presenters, with the help of numerous Thai locals over the River Kok in Northern Thailand.

What is the best diesel truck to buy?

8 Best Diesel Trucks You Can Buy 1 Chevy/GMC 2500 & 3500 (2006-2007) 2 Dodge Ram HD (2003-2004) 3 Ford F-250/F-350 (2008-2010) 4 Dodge Ram 1500 (2014) 5 Chevy Silverado HD (2012) 6 Dodge W250 (1991½-1993) 7 Ford Super Duty (1999½-2000) 8 Dodge Ram 2500HD (2010)

What are the best diesel engines for gear heads?

Diesel engines are popular with gear heads because they are pretty easy to tinker with and boost their power. The Ford F-250/350s came equipped with one of the easiest diesel engines to tweak, the 350 hp 6.4L Power Stroke Turbodiesel. By simply tuning the engine and adding a new intake and exhaust, you can quickly turn it into a 600 hp monster.

What is the best 3/4 ton diesel truck in 2020?

7. 2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty – Best 3/4 Ton Diesel Truck Alongside its Chevy Silverado 3500 and RAM 3500 contenders, the 2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty brings the muscle to the game. The Ford F-350 is quite similar to the F-250 in design and driving character.

Which full-size pickup trucks get the best fuel economy?

The Duramax Silverado returns the best fuel economy of any full-size pickup in rear-wheel drive configuration at 27 mpg combined. The Duramax’s performance is good too, with more horsepower and better acceleration than Ford or Ram. The only knock on the Silverado diesel is its relatively low 9,500-pound maximum tow rating.