What episode is Sunshine Corazon?

What episode is Sunshine Corazon?

“Glee” New York (TV Episode 2011) – Jake Zyrus as Sunshine Corazon – IMDb.

Does sunshine come back to Glee?

Sunshine reappears in the season two finale New York for the National show choir competition.

Why did Rachel send Sunshine to a crack house?

Rachel, in a totally psychotic move, sends the new transfer student, Sunshine (Charice Pempengco), to a crack house because she’s worried that the Glee clubbers will realize that Sunshine has an amazing voice.

How many episodes does Charice in glee?

However, Charice ended up appearing in only two more episodes. She performed “All By Myself” in Episode 17 and she sang the original song “As Long As You’re There” in the season finale. “There might be room for only one big-voiced diva on Fox’s hit ‘Glee’.

Who is Sunshine Corazon in Glee?

Sunshine Corazon is a recurring character in the second season of Glee. She is a foreign exchange student from the Philippines. Rachel invites her to join the New Directions but feels threatened by Sunshine’s singing prowess and tricks her into going to a crack house instead of the auditions.

What song does Rachel ask Sunshine to sing in the audition?

Rachel quickly apologizes and offers to pay for new sheet music if Sunshine will come to an actual audition. For her audition, Sunshine sings the song Listen from the movie Dreamgirls. Rachel is seen smiling, though with obvious hesitation.

What happened to Sunshine on ‘Glee?

Finn reports to the Glee club that Sunshine has returned to McKinley. She convinces the New Directions that she can help them out by joining the benefit event that they are setting in order to fund their trip to Nationals. Rachel is suspicious, and with good reason: Could Sunshine just be out for revenge?

What is the song that Rachel is jealous of sunshine for?

It is sung by Sunshine as her audition song to be part of the New Directions. During the song, everyone was cheering for Sunshine, except for Rachel, who appeared to be jealous of her singing talent.