What font is the Denver Nuggets logo?

What font is the Denver Nuggets logo?

Aachen Bold is a font based on the Denver #Nuggets logo.

What does the Denver Nuggets logo mean?

The Nuggets first logo was “Maxie the Miner”. The red, blue and white miner was a “Yukon Cornelius” looking prospector who was giddy, leaping in the air, holding a ABA basketball and a prospecting pick axe. A wordmark “Denver Nuggets” arched around the miner in blue with a unique font.

What font is the Detroit Pistons logo?

Font. Although some sources identify the font as Zurich Bold Extra Condensed BT created by Bitstream Inc., it actually does not look identical to the wordmark.

When did the Denver Nuggets change their logo?

1993 — 2003. The new logo for Nuggets was introduced in 1993. It was a sleek and elegant badge with the royal blue and white mountain, a red arched banner with the white “Denver” on it, and an enlarged gold “Nuggets” inscription in a bold serif typeface, placed under the arch.

What are the Denver Nuggets colors?

The Denver Nuggets colors are midnight blue, sunshine yellow, Flatirons red, and skyline blue. The Denver Nuggets team colors in Hex, RGB, and CMYK can be found below. The Denver Nuggets are a team from Denver, Colorado.

What is the Denver Nuggets’logo?

The Nuggets’ logo is a blue mountain with yellow text over it. 1975-1981: The Nuggets’ first logo was “Maxie the Miner”. He is jumping up holding a pickaxe and a ABA basketball. 1982-1993: A rainbow themed logo with mountains in the back. Wordmark below.

What does the Denver Nuggets’City uniform mean?

The Nuggets’ first “City” uniform had a navy base, highlighting the pick-axe and mountain logo in front and incorporating sublimated mountain peak patterns on the shorts. The Nuggets’ 2018–19 “City” uniform was a callback to the team’s 1982–93 rainbow uniforms, featuring a sublimated pattern of the rainbow logo and navy lettering.

What happened to the Denver Nuggets’jersey numbers?

Slight tweaks were made to the striping and lettering. The Nuggets’ gold “Statement” jersey made some noticeable alterations as well, relegating the navy, powder blue and white rainbow to the sides and relocating the number to the bottom.

What is the Denver Nuggets’ mascot?

The first two Denver Nuggets logos were very different from their more modern counterparts. After all, they bore the image of the basketball team’s mascot Maxie the Miner, who is such a joyous figure that he is jumping in the air with his arms and legs splayed out to the sides.