What happen to CDNThe3rd?

What happen to CDNThe3rd?

CDNThe3rd has been banned from Twitch and it’s all because of Logan Paul deciding he wanted to take on the greatest to ever do it, Floyd Mayweather. You’re probably scratching you’re head wondering how CDNThe3rd was banned from Twitch because of the Mayweather vs Paul fight.

How much money does CDNThe3rd make?

Earnings By Year

Total Results
2021 $1,250.00 3.45%
2020 $150.00 0.41%
2018 $24,475.00 67.47%
2015 $10,400.00 28.67%

What is CDNThe3rd real name?

Caesar Noriega
Caesar Noriega (born: December 14, 1982 (1982-12-14) [age 39]), better known online as CDNThe3rd (or Ceez), is an American Twitch streamer who currently resides in New Jersey. Caesar is a professional eSports player in the Battle Royale and FPS genre and has been very well known across the community.

Is CDNThe3rd black?

Personal Life. CDNThe3rd is half Puerto Rican and half Ecuadorian. His single mother raised both him and his three sisters in New Jersey.

How many subs does CDNThe3rd?

Total number of subscriptions by month

Month Total Prime
January 2022 5,997 1,534
December 2021 8,719 2,117
November 2021 5,003 1,463
October 2021 5,463 1,534

What does CDNThe3rd stand for?

Dec 9, 2017. @CDNThe3rd. CDN= CEEZ DEZZ NUTS. 1. Ernesto07.

How did CDNThe3rd get famous?

‘ After ‘Fortnite’ released in 2017, CDNthe3rd mastered the game and found huge success on the streaming platforms. He started getting noticed as a ‘Twitch’ streamer and was known for playing the deathmatch survival game ‘H1Z1: King of the Kill’ and ‘Fornite Battle Royale.

How tall is Sypherpk?

6 ft.5

Name Ali Hassan
Country of Birth United States
Birthday May 10, 1996 (age 25)
Height 6 ft.5 (195.58 cm)

What does CDN stand for CDNThe3rd?

· Dec 9, 2017. @CDNThe3rd. CDN= CEEZ DEZZ NUTS.

How much money does Dakotaz make?

Dakotaz’s Net Worth, Earnings and more

Real Name Brett Hoffman
Address Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Marital Status/Partner Single/Unknown
Source of Wealth Online content creation, sponsorships
Net Worth $600k

When was the last time Ceeday posted?

The last video, Mythical Ceeday, was uploaded on February 24, 2020. This has been recorded as his longest hiatus. On December 1, 2020, William live streamed Fortnite’s Galactus event.

When did CDNThe3rd start streaming?

CDNthe3rd launched his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘CDNThe3rd,’ on July 1, 2010. One of the oldest videos of his channel is ‘Portal 2 Co-Op and some Rambunctious ass Gameplay!

What are cdnthe3rd’s streaming hours?

On Wednesdays, CDNThe3rd often streams for 12 hours between 4 PM and 3 AM PST the next day. On Thursdays, CDNThe3rd often streams for 20 hours between 1 PM and 8 AM PST the next day.

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