What happened in AQWF Chapter 10?

What happened in AQWF Chapter 10?

While they are evacuating another village, Kropp and Paul are wounded by a falling shell. They find an ambulance wagon after struggling out of the zone of the shelling. Kropp has been wounded very close to his knee. He resolves to commit suicide if they amputate his leg.

Who returns from the dying room?

Peter returns from the Dying Room.

What happens to Kat in AQWF?

At the end of the book, Kat sustains a minor injury—shrapnel in his leg—and Paul carries him to the safety of a medic. Unfortunately, Kat sustains another injury—shrapnel in his brain—while Paul is carrying him and dies almost instantly.

What happens to Muller Bertinck Leer and Kat?

What happens to Muller, Bertinck, Leer, and Kat? Muller – he is shot point blank in the stomach; Bertinck – is wounded in the chest when he gets out of the hole to use his rifle to take down the flamethrowers. He shoots the one and then the other gets burned by the flamethrower without his partner to help control it.

What is the dead room all quiet?

The ‘dead room’ is a place in the hospital where they send the dead and dying to finish out their last.

Why does Paul refuse chloroform?

Paul has no trust in the surgeons and is determined not to receive chloroform (to knock him out so he doesn’t feel the pain), even if he has to “crack their skulls.”

Who is Katczinsky Kat )? Why is he so important to Paul and his friends?

Lesson Summary Stanislaus ‘Kat’ Katczinsky is one of the older men serving in the war for Germany. At about 40 years old, Kat is the father figure and leader for many of the younger men. He helps out his younger comrades — fellow soldiers — and teaches them many things about how to survive in war.

What happens to Tjaden?

Tjaden is a bed wetter, and during training, Himmelstoss set out to break him of this habit, which he attributed to laziness. He found another bed wetter, Kindervater, and forced them to sleep in the same set of bunk beds.

What happens to the company commander Bertinck?

Bertinck is the company commander and an all-around good guy. He loves his men, allows them to eat extra rations when Ginger the cook tries to withhold them, and he dies saving his company from the attack of enemy flamethrowers.

What happened to Kemmerich’s boots?

Kemmerich’s Boots Paul brings them to Müller after Kemmerich dies and inherits them himself when Müller is shot to death later in the novel. In this way, the boots represent the cheapness of human life in the war. A good pair of boots is more valuable—and more durable—than a human life.

How does the doctor at the Catholic hospital use patients as guinea pigs?

How does the doctor at the catholic hospital use patients as guinea pigs? The doctor at the Catholic hospital uses patients as guinea pigs as they are “tormenting” the men with unnecessary surgeries, such as amputations.