What happened to Mansize tissues?

What happened to Mansize tissues?

Kleenex is scrapping its range of “Mansize” tissues after 62 years, following complaints that the branding is sexist. The company first launched its tissues aimed at men in 1956, claiming they would “stay strong when wet.” But complaints on social media about the product’s gendered marketing is prompting the change.

Why are they called Mansize tissues?

Kleenex was first sold in the US in the early 1920s as a cold cream and makeup remover and launched in the UK the following year. The company introduced “Kleenex for Men” in 1956 with the claim that the tissues would “stay strong when wet”.

Can you still buy Mansize tissues?

Kleenex is scrapping “Mansize” branding from its tissue boxes after 60 years on the shelves as consumers called it out for being sexist. The company said the tissues would now be called “Extra Large”.

What size are Kleenex Extra large tissues?

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Brand Kleenex
Item dimensions L x W x H 33.5 x 32.2 x 22.3 centimetres
Item weight 68.4 Grams
Sheet count 44
Pattern Contoured

Why is there a shortage of Kleenex tissues?

The owner of Kleenex, which produces tissue products, said that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and issues with the supply network have caused disruption.

Why do shops not have Kleenex tissues?

“This has been mainly driven by ongoing Covid, transportation and other supply chain disruptions, including a global shortage of cardboard. “All of these short-term impacts affected operations at a period when category demand is at its highest, leading to some availability challenges.”

Why do Kleenex packs have names on them?

Smith said. Introduced in 1924 as a “sanitary cold cream remover,” Kleenex derived its name both from that cleaning function and to link it phonetically to Kotex, the sanitary napkin Kimberly-Clark had introduced just four years earlier. (The name Kotex refers to “cotton texture.”)

What is the size of a Kleenex tissue?

Kimberly-Clark Kleenex 13216 Facial Tissue, 2″ Height x 4.75″ Width x 8.875″ Length, White (60 Boxes of 100 tissues) (total 6000 tissues)”

Why are tissues in short supply?

Why are tissue boxes out of stock?

Are these man-size tissues worth it?

These “man-size” tissues are great when you need a larger Kleenex. I don’t use them every day but when hay fever season starts they’re great. It’s a shame I couldn’t buy them in the United States. My Kroger grocery store carried these huge Kleenex a few years ago and they were great!

What is the best tissue for men’s size tissues?

Kleenex men size tissues are very good and stong. Can recommend this bargain package to any one.

Are tissues bigger than a normal Kleenex?

Yes, they are bigger than a normal Kleenex but they don’t have anymore strength than the ultra-soft ones I usually buy. Great big soft tissues… Great big soft tissues. Love them especially when u have a bad cold. Too bad we can’t buy them anymore in the USA! The “RIGHT” size!!!

Are the tissue boxes crushed in the package?

The items arrived promptly and as described, the boxes were crushed within the plastic package, obviously during transit, but this does not effect the tissues. I wouldn’t hesitate to reorder as and when required, thank you John RD