What happens at the end of Villette?

What happens at the end of Villette?

Spoilers for Bronte’s Villettë, especially the ending! Charlotte Brontë leaves the ending of this work ambiguous, implying that Lucy Snowe’s betrothed has died in a shipwreck, but ultimately leaving it up to the imagination of the reader, lest happier minds prefer a happier end!

How old is Paulina in Villette?

Polly Home/Countess Paulina Mary de Bassompierre: A 17-year-old English girl who is a cousin of Ginevra Fanshawe. She is first introduced to the story as a very young girl, who is called Polly. As a child, she was very fond of Graham Bretton. She grows to be a beautiful young lady who is delicate and intelligent.

How long does it take to read Villette?

The average reader will spend 7 hours and 22 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

How old was Graham in Villette?

about sixteen
The only one she really becomes attached to is Graham, who is about sixteen. Basically, the entire first three chapters of this book is about Graham and Polly and their friendship as observed by Lucy — we learn virtually nothing our narrator.

Is there a ghost in Jane Eyre?

But the novel isn’t just a ghost story because Brontë also reveals the reasons behind supernatural events. For instance, Mr. Reed’s ghost in the red-room is a figment of Jane’s stressed-out mind, while Bertha is the “demon” in Thornfield. In Jane Eyre, the effects of the supernatural matter more than the causes.

The ending of Villette is intentionally ambiguous; the reader is left to determine whether or not Monsieur Paul Emanuel makes it back to shore and returns to Lucy. However, in the original ending written by Brontë, it is made clear to the reader that Monsieur Paul Emanuel perishes in a shipwreck.

What is the plot of the book Villette?

Summary of Plot. Villette follows the story of Lucy Snowe, a young English girl with a tragic past. At the start of the story, Lucy is just fourteen years old and lives in the English countryside with her godmother. Lucy eventually leaves England for Villette and finds work at a boarding school for girls.

Who are the actors in the movie Villette?

In 1970, the BBC produced a television miniseries based on Villette, directed by Moira Armstrong and written by Lennox Phillips. It starred Judy Parfitt as Lucy Snowe, Bryan Marshall as Dr. John Graham Bretton, Peter Jeffrey as Paul Emanuel, and Mona Bruce as Mme. Beck.

What is the relationship between Jane and Lucy in Villette?

Where Jane’s specialness is stipulated, despite her poverty and plain looks, the heroine of Villette, Lucy Snowe, is an unassuming figure who spends the majority of the novel as a quiet observer. Jane insists on her own agency, while Lucy is reactive at best. Yet it is Lucy who truly breaks free of the expected domestic fate.”