What is a 102 Movement in SAP?

What is a 102 Movement in SAP?

stock transport order : at goods receipt the transported quantity is posted in the receiving plant from stock in transit into unrestricted-use stock (or stock in quality inspection, blocked stock). The cancellation or reversal of movement type 101 is the movement type 102.

What are the different movement types in SAP?

Movement types

  • 101 Goods receipt for purchase order or order.
  • 103 Goods receipt for purchase order into GR blocked stock.
  • 105 Release from GR blocked stock for purchase order.
  • 121 Subsequent adjustment for subcontracting.
  • 122 Return delivery to supplier or to production.
  • 123 Reversal of return delivery.

What is 104 movement type in SAP?

Goods Receipt into Goods Receipt Blocked Stock. 104. Blocked Stock sending back to vendor.

What is a 602 Movement in SAP?

602 is just reversing the 601 when executing VL09 to cancel the goods issue.

What is the movement type 103?

Movement type 103 is used to record the receipt of goods and services with the intent to record the acceptance of those goods at a later date. This Movement Type records goods receipt as blocked stock. Here, those goods have been placed in a blocked stock area first.

What is 333 movement type in SAP?

Transfer Postings

Movement Type Description
333 Withdraw of samples from Unrestricted Stock
335 Withdraw of samples from Blocked Stock
411 Consignment stock into our own stock
501 Goods Receipt without PO into Unrestricted Stock

What is movement type 107 and 109 in SAP?

107. Goods Receipt to Valuated Goods Receipt Blocked Stock. 109. Goods Receipt from Valuated Goods Receipt Blocked Stock.

What is the material movement key in SAP?

This three digit key controls the movement of the materials in SAP (eg: Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Stock transfer and Stock maintenance). It is already predefined in SAP, how the financial accounting needs to be posted during any material movement.

What is gr movement Type 101 and GR reversal?

Example movement type 101 is GR into valuated stock and 101 is GR reversal. When calculating valuated stock there are inbound and outbound, and the inbound is total receipts and outbound is Issues, so it calculates the valuated stock. But there are two movement types for receipts itself (inbound, outbound).

How is a goods receipt line (movement Type 101) generated?

Unlike movement type 641 when a goods issue is posted using movement type 647, a goods receipt line (movement type 101) is generated automatically in the receiving plant. If a purchase order item is flagged as a returns item in the stock transport order, you can post the goods receipt of the returns in the issuing plant with movement type 677.

What is the difference between movement Type 101 and 131?

Movement type 101 vs 131……… As per my understanding we can use both movement type 101 and 131 as goods received from production ….. the only diff is 101 can also be manually done but we cannot post the goods with 131 mvt type manually…… Is there any other differrence ….