What is a Black 5 locomotive?

What is a Black 5 locomotive?

The London Midland and Scottish Railway Stanier Class 5 4-6-0, commonly known as the Black Five, is a class of 4-6-0 steam locomotives. It was introduced by William Stanier and built between 1934 and 1951, of which 842 were built and were numbered 4658-5499 (BR then renumbered 44658-45499).

How many black 5 locomotives are there?

Soon, however, the name had become “Black Fives” and the moniker stuck. So useful did the locomotives prove that 842 examples were built over a 17-year period until 1951.

How strong is the black 5?

The locomotive made 25,455 lbf of tractive effort. The tender could carry 4000 imperial gallons of water, and 9 long tons of coal.

What type of train is Gordon?

Railway Gresley Class A1 locomotive
Gordon (No. 4) is a blue 4-6-2 (‘Pacific’) ex-London and North Eastern Railway Gresley Class A1 locomotive.

What is the biggest steam locomotive ever built?

Big Boy class
Union Pacific No. 4014 is a Big Boy class steam locomotive having a 4-8-8-4 wheel arrangement. They are the heaviest single expansion steam locomotive ever built, weighing about 1,200,000 pounds. Big Boy locomotives are hinged (or articulated) because of its great length.

What is the black locomotive?

The Black Locomotive is set in a world underneath the London that is well known to us. Through the vision of architecture, design, ad technology this story merges the past and present in a unique story that begins with the discovery of a strange anomaly. It is found underneath a secret Crossrail extension being built underneath Buckingham Palac

What was the original number of the black motor class?

The class was originally numbered 687–716 but the year after delivery numbers 702–716 were given new numbers vacated by engines that had been withdrawn. The locomotives gained the nickname ‘Black Motor’ early in their career.

Why is it called a black motor?

The locomotives gained the nickname ‘Black Motor’ early in their career. They were well designed and had few major modifications during the existence of the fleet – the exception being fitted with superheaters from 1919 to 1929, which required the fitting of an extended smokebox.

What is a 26B locomotive?

The Locomotive was built by Armstrong Whitworth in 1937 and spent most of its life at Agecroft motive power depot near Manchester. The shed code was 26B and this is reflected in the name of the company that owns the locomotive – The 26B Railway Co Ltd.