What is a Ductogram of the breast?

What is a Ductogram of the breast?

A ductogram is used to identify the cause of spontaneous nipple discharge. Because nipple discharge can be caused by many factors, ductography is used to screen for diseases ranging from carcinoma to ductal ectasia and papilloma.

Is it normal to have fluid in your breast?

Your breasts each contain about 20 milk ducts, and fluid can leak from them. It’s normal for some milk to leak out of your nipple when you’re pregnant or lactating.

Does a Ductogram hurt?

You may feel a slight pressure as the catheter is inserted but this should not be painful. A small amount of a contrast solution will then be injected through this catheter and the catheter removed.

What is breast scintigraphy?

Breast scintigraphy or scintimammography is a nuclear medicine imaging technique that uses radionuclides to image malignant breast tumors and it requires the administration of a single photon-emitting radiotracer to the patient and a gamma-camera for imaging.

Why is a Ductogram performed?

A ductogram (galactogram) is a type of medical imaging used to view your breast ducts. It can be helpful in finding the cause of nipple discharge in patients with an otherwise normal mammogram. In a ductogram, a mammogram is performed after a contrast agent is injected into the breast (through the nipple).

What is a ductogram?

A ductogram (galactogram) is a type of medical imaging used to view your breast ducts. It can be helpful in finding the cause of nipple discharge. A ductogram involves mammography and use of a contrast agent that gets injected into the breast, like during a breast MRI. A fluid sample is extracted and sent for further testing.

What is the difference between mammogram and ductogram?

The ductography procedure is similar to a mammogram, except that a contrast dye is injected into the breast before the X-ray, to provide an even more detailed view of the milk ducts. If you’re experiencing any discharge from the nipple, including blood, your care team may order a ductogram.

What is breast ductography?

Breast ductography. Dr Henry Knipe ◉ ◈ and Dr Gagandeep Singh et al. Breast ductography (a.k.a. galactography) is an imaging technique which is used to evaluate lesions causing nipple discharge.

What conditions can be diagnosed with a ductogram?

Several abnormal conditions involving the milk ducts may be diagnosed with the help of a ductogram, including: A ductogram also can help direct your surgeon to the ducts that need to be removed, for example, during surgery for intraductal papillomas or ductal carcinoma (breast cancer).