What is a good handgun for first time gun owner?

What is a good handgun for first time gun owner?

Beginner Handgun Comparison

Name Rating Price
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 (4.7/5.0) $449
Sig Sauer P320 (4.8/5.0) $879
Glock 43 $499
Springfield XD-S (4.4/5.0) $599

Is the VP9 a good gun?

Bottom Line. The new H&K VP9 (Heckler & Koch) handgun is overall a very impressive and new handgun. HK has finally produced a new generation polymer-framed striker-fired gun. It’s lightweight and comes with plenty of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Which handgun should I buy?

There are usually night sight models for each of our recommended pistols. Or you can always purchase aftermarket sights and have your gunsmith install them. We recommend a striker-fired handgun for the beginner and home defense since the trigger pull is nearly identical every time (at least when compared to a double action).

What to look for in a quality beginner handgun?

What to Look for in a Quality Beginner Handgun. 1 1. Who will use the pistol? Any handgun or pistol’s standard of excellence becomes clear when you see who uses the firearm. Now, this isn’t about 2 2. Brand/Name Recognition. 3 3. Caliber. 4 4. Sights. 5 5. Ammunition Style.

Which pistol has the heaviest first shot?

Here a Glock, there a Glock… Double action pistols such as most Sig Sauer’s and the Beretta 92FS have a heavy first shot since you are cocking back the hammer. What about revolvers?

How are online handgun reviews used to evaluate handguns?

Online handgun reviews posted by real people at online retailers were used, which are guided by actual customer experiences. We exhaustively read customer comments to identify owner concerns and read available handgun manuals to define the most important features for new handgun enthusiasts.