What is a good Roman girl name?

What is a good Roman girl name?

Ancient Roman female names make beautiful names for girls….30 popular Roman names for girls and their origin.

Ancient Roman name for girl Origin/most likely meaning
Antonia Ancient Roman Family name, feminine from of Antonius
Camilla (also spelled: Camila, Kamila) Ancient Roman family name, feminine from of Camillus

Is Rome a girl name?

The name Rome is primarily a gender-neutral name of Italian origin that means From Rome, Italy.

What are some mythical names for girls?

Althea. Peak Popularity: Althea is a rare name today in the U.S.,having reached peak popularity in 1956 when 388 girls were given this name.

  • Alvina. Peak Popularity: Alvina was most popular in 1891 when 518 of every million babies were given this name.
  • Aura.
  • Calypso.
  • Celestia.
  • Citrine.
  • Daenerys.
  • Delilah.
  • Eira.
  • Evelina.
  • What are some popular Roman names?

    Some of the good Roman names are Cicero, Domiti, Felix and Hadriana. Roman names are trendy around the world. Ancient Roman characters strike a chord with the people worldwide who consider Rome a place of rich history and culture.

    What are some Roman myths?

    The Myth stories of of the Twelve Labors of Hercules

  • The Myth stories of of Jason and the Argonauts and of the Golden Fleece
  • Myth stories of Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa
  • The Myth stories of of Odysseus and the Legend of the Odyssey
  • The Myth stories of of Theseus and the Minotaur
  • Myth stories of Achilles,Helen of Troy and the Trojan War
  • Who is the goddess of Roman mythology?

    Naenia,goddess of funerary lament.

  • Nascio,personification of the act of birth.
  • Necessitas,goddess of destiny,the Roman equivalent of Ananke.
  • Nemesis,goddess of revenge ( Greek ),adopted as an Imperial deity of retribution.
  • Neptune,god of the sea,earthquakes,and horses,and one of the Dii Consentes.