What is a graduate trainee Programme?

What is a graduate trainee Programme?

What is a Graduate Trainee Program? The graduate trainees Program is a program designed for fresh graduates who are transitioning into a workplace. This program is designed for the purpose of the trainees to gain some practical work experience. They have a role that they carry out through the guidance of senior staff.

How long is a graduate training scheme?

around two years
Graduate schemes typically last for around two years (between a year and up to three years or more) and allow you to experience different placements within the organisation to gain an understanding of how it operates.

What is the difference between graduate trainee and intern?

The graduate trainee program is designed for permanent employees to train them according to company’s requirements for long term. Internship is for the students who want to gain practical or applied education in a career field. They are often unpaid and work on a temporary positions.

How do you get graduate schemes?

Applying for a graduate scheme

  1. fill in an online application form.
  2. take a series of online psychometric tests in timed conditions.
  3. do a telephone interview or video interview.
  4. do online tasks like e-tray exercises.
  5. attend an assessment centre.
  6. do a face-to-face interview with one or more people from the company.

Do graduate trainees get paid?

Yes, trainees do get a paycheck, however, most trainees earn less than entry-level employees during this period by earning a minimum wage. The general duration of a training position can last from about nine to 24 months.

How much do graduate trainees earn in Nigeria?

Graduate Trainee Salaries

Job Title Salary
Union Bank of Nigeria Graduate Trainee salaries – 2 salaries reported NGN 204,167/mo
Wema Bank Graduate Trainee salaries – 2 salaries reported NGN 34,167/mo
Nigerian National Petroleum Graduate Trainee salaries – 2 salaries reported NGN 485,000/mo

What happens after a graduate scheme?

Graduates typically carry on working for the company after their scheme has ended, though they are free to move on if they wish or a place is not available for them. Graduate Schemes offer a springboard into a good job straight from uni, and positions are up for grabs at some major companies.

Are you guaranteed a job after graduate scheme?

Because grad jobs are entirely dependent on the company and its requirements, there’s no guarantee that the employer you want to work for will be taking on any more graduates that year. Unlike grad schemes, which have a guaranteed intake year on year.

Do you get paid in graduate programs?

Usually lasting no more than two years, places on graduate schemes are normally exclusively for employees starting immediately out of university and in many ways are like a normal job. You’re still paid a full-time wage and should receive some (if not all) workplace benefits.

How difficult are graduate schemes?

Grad schemes are very competitive and highly sought-after for the reasons listed above. This means the application process can be tough and quite rigid, as there are a limited number of places available each year. You can expect to have to take psychometric tests and attend assessment centres and so on.

Is it hard to get graduate scheme?

The short answer: UK graduate schemes are highly competitive. The competitiveness of graduate schemes in the UK is demonstrated by an analysis of 3.8 million graduate scheme applications carried out jointly by a recruitment technology company and an employer branding company in 2019.

What are some of the top graduate trainee jobs in Nigeria?

Below are some latest top graduate trainee jobs in Nigeria positions, descriptions, and basic qualification: 1. Global Graduate Program – Finance at Guinness Nigeria Plc Guinness Nigeria Plc is a member of Diageo Plc.

What is this graduate training programme all about?

This graduate training programme is a three-year adventure. And it provides you with two to three rotations. And during this time you’ll find yourself challenged and inspired to reach your full potential. The applicant must be a graduate who not only has the capability to succeed today but also have the potential to be a leader of tomorrow.

How do I get a job as an engineer in Lagos?

The job position is in Lagos. The applicant must be competent, committed, self-motivated, and enthusiastic. Also, note that the recruits will enter a three (3) months training period. This is to prepare them for advancement into engineering roles. The applicant must be a fresh graduate.

What is fresh graduate trainee recruitment at Techno Oil Limited?

Fresh Graduate Trainee Recruitment at Techno Oil Limited The applicant will be responsible for finding talents using a range of methodologies. Also, the applicant will be responsible for placing top talents with top companies. Again, you will be developing existing relationships with candidates.