What is a mountain twin snowboard?

What is a mountain twin snowboard?

The Mountain Twin is a versatile directional twin designed for playful shredders who want one board that can ride-it-all. It’s built to shred the whole mountain like it’s an endless skatepark without sacrificing float in pow or stability for bombing lines.

Is the Jones Mountain Twin a true twin?

Shape, Profile and Sidecut It’s not a true twin, given the directional flex and the subtle extra length in the nose, but with zero taper this one can be ridden (or landed) switch with ease – and while ‘pressable’ wouldn’t be the first word we’d use to describe it, buttering is definitely on the cards.

Does Jeremy Jones Own Jones Snowboards?

Jeremy Jones (born January 14, 1975) is an American professional snowboarder and businessman who is the founder of Jones Snowboards.

How much does a flagship weigh?


Style: Freeride
Shape: Tapered Directional (12.5mm taper)
Setback Stance: No Setback on effective edge according to Jones, but you are definitely setback, overall.
Base: Sintered 9900
Weight: Felt light

Is the Jones Mountain Twin a good board?

The Jones Mountain Twin’s base is pretty fast and the board is pretty damp. It’s nothing like it’s bigger brother the Jones Flagship or it’s cousin the Yes Big City but it does a good job with most speed. There is little to no chatter when you pick up speed either.

What is the best twin snowboard to buy?

“The freestyle board with a freeride heart, the Jones Mountain Twin is consistently in our top five best selling snowboards. It’s a pretty stiff directional twin model that can be used anywhere over the whole mountain.

Which Jones board should I buy?

The Mountain Twin is definitely the go-to Jones board for pressing, buttering and just some good old wholesome tomfoolery around the mountain, but a jib stick it ain’t. There’s still a good chunk of pretty aggressive camber between the feet, stacked between a dual-density wood core with tri-ax fibreglass sheets and a 7000 grade sintered base.

Why choose all Jones Snowboards?

All Jones Snowboards are factory de-tuned at the tip and tail so you can go right from the shop to the mountain. ABS Plastic is one of the necessary evils of snowboard production. We improve the sustainability of our snowboards by using only recycled plastic.