What is an extra train?

What is an extra train?

Creating a train not provided for by the timetable (an “extra”) Annulling a train provided by the timetable. Creating sections of a schedule (in essence “cloning” a train’s schedule and class when, for example, too much traffic exists to be handled by a single train)

What are people who are obsessed with trains called?

A railfan, rail buff or train buff (American English), railway enthusiast or railway buff (Australian/British English), trainspotter or ferroequinologist is a person interested, especially recreationally, in rail transport.

Why is a train called a consist?

Why is a train called a consist? A train consist refers to a group made out of cars and locomotives, same as the locomotive consist plus the cars, which together form a train. In order to pull that amount of tonnage, the railroad crew connects the cars to a multiple-unit.

Who introduced excursion trains?

The world’s first travel agency got its start thanks to a train trip. In 1841, Englishman Thomas Cook, a Baptist minister, organized a train excursion for 540 parishioners to attend a temperance meeting in London.

How are trains programmed?

Train program on schedule A rare-earth magnet is mounted on both the front and the rear of each train to activate these sensors. Each time a magnetic sensor is hit, the state of that particular train is changed. From there, the programming possibilities are almost endless.

What is Radio Train Order?

The Radio Train Order (RTO) train control system is an alternative system that is currently in use, and considering safety and economy, it was a logical choice for replacing the more vulnerable and expensive colour light signalling system.

Why are train enthusiasts called foamers?

The most die-hard are known as foamers — a term believed to have originated as an insult, used to describe people who get so excited at the sight of a train that they foam at the mouth.

What is Fairy Queen train?

The Fairy Queen, also known as the East Indian Railway Nr. 22, is a steam locomotive built in 1855, restored by Loco Works Perambur, Chennai in 1997, and housed at the Rewari Railway Heritage Museum. It occasionally runs between New Delhi and Alwar.

Who invented first train?

Richard TrevithickTrain / Inventor