What is anaphoric and cataphoric?

What is anaphoric and cataphoric?

Anaphoric reference means that a word in a text refers back to other ideas in the text for its meaning. It can be compared with cataphoric reference, which means a word refers to ideas later in the text.

What is anaphora and cataphora with examples?

Cataphora is a type of anaphora, although the terms anaphora and anaphor are sometimes used in a stricter sense, denoting only cases where the order of the expressions is the reverse of that found in cataphora. An example of cataphora in English is the following sentence: When he arrived home, John went to sleep.

What are cataphoric pronouns?

Cataphoric pronouns are pronouns that occur linearly before their antecedent. In other words, they are instances of referential dependencies in which the antecedent follows the referentially dependent element, as illustrated in (1).

What is cataphoric reference in legal document?

Answer. A cataphoric reference is when a word or phrase references a word/something that will be mentioned later on in the text or discourse.

What is the difference between Exophoric and Endophoric reference?

An exophoric reference is a reference in a text to something outside of the text, while an endophoric reference is a reference in a text to something inside the text.

What is the meaning of anaphoric?

Definition of anaphoric : of or relating to anaphora an anaphoric usage especially : being a word or phrase that takes its reference from another word or phrase and especially from a preceding word or phrase — compare cataphoric.

What is an anaphoric reference example?

What is anaphoric reference? Anaphoric reference occurs when a word or phrase refers to something mentioned earlier in the discourse. Michael went to the bank. He was annoyed because it was closed.

What is a cataphoric reference?

Cataphoric reference occurs when a word or phrase refers to something mentioned later in the discourse. Although I phone her every week, my mother still complains that I don’t keep in touch often enough.

What are cataphora and anaphora?

Cataphora and anaphora are means of how information is produced in both spoken and written mode. In particular, cataphora and anaphora describe how a certain piece of information is produced and subsequently referred to throughout a text or conversation.

What is the anaphoric theory?

This theory concentrates on the relationship between anaphoric parts of sentences that go together, explaining why certain parts of sentences can go together, but when switched around, are often not possible. Take, for example, the sentences below.