What is capital credit refund?

What is capital credit refund?

Capital credits are the money or margin that is left over after all bills associated with doing business have been paid. Each of you is entitled to these capital credits, or a share of the refund based on your energy use.

What are capital credits?

Capital credits represent each member’s ownership of the cooperative. They are the margins credited (or allocated) to the members of the cooperative based on their purchases from the cooperative the previous year. These margins are used by the cooperative as capital to operate the business for a period of time.

How much does Withlacoochee charge per kwh?

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative’s average residential electricity price per kilowatt hour is 11.41 cents per kilowatt hour.

How many customers does Withlacoochee Electric have?

Today, WREC has over 195,000 active Members. Being a Cooperative, WREC is different from many electric utilities in the fact that our status is a not for profit one, and we abide by the seven Cooperative principles to help both our Members and our community.

Is a capital credit refund taxable?

Capital credits are a return of profit margins to the consumer. They are not taxable income unless electricity is claimed as a business expense. We can only give refunds after ensuring our financial stability.

How are capital credits calculated?

The sum of your revenue for a year is multiplied by a percentage to determine your capital credits.

Are capital credit refunds taxable?

Is Withlacoochee Electric expensive?

WREC is below the national average of 13.19 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) at 11.405 cent per kWh. The state with the lowest rate is Louisiana at 9.370 cents per kWh, and the highest is Hawaii at 32.76 cents per kWh. Starting 2021 on a Bright Path!

What county is the Withlacoochee River in?

The Withlacoochee River originates in Georgia, northwest of Nashville, Georgia. It flows south through Berrien County where it joins the New River and forms part of the boundary between Berrien and Cook counties.

What electric company does Hernando County use?

Duke Energy | Electric Service & Supply.

How do you pronounce Withlacoochee?

Withlacoochee. Just say the Hernando County state forest exactly how it’s spelled: “WITH-la-coo-chee.”

Are capital credits dividends?

What is the difference between Capital Credits and dividends? Capital Credits is a return of money paid by the member for electricity. Dividends are earnings on an investment specifically made with the desire to have a profit.