What is Golis?

What is Golis?

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Who is Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf?

Ahmed Yusuf Mahamud (Somali: Axmed Yuusuf Maxamuud, Arabic: أحمد يوسف محمود) was a Somali ruler. He was the fourth Sultan of the Geledi sultanate, reigning from 1848 to 1878 and succeeded his father Yusuf Mahamud after his demise at the battle of Adaddey Suleyman.

Who owns Hormuud Telecom Somalia?

Ahmed Muhamud Yuusuf
Ahmed Muhamud Yuusuf is the CEO of Hormuud Telecoms and was pivotal in the company’s founding. Hormuud is the largest Somali telecommunications firm, leading the drive towards a cashless economy.

Who owns Golis Telecom?

Abdiaziz Guureeye Karshe
Golis Telecom Somalia

Type Private
Founded 2002
Headquarters Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia
Key people Abdisalam Isa Mohamed Hassan (Operations Manager) Abdiaziz Guureeye Karshe( Chairman)
Products Mobile services Internet services Fixed line

How do you use Golis?

Deposit money in your Sahal account at one of the Golis Centers.

  1. Give the salesman the amount you wish to deposit.
  2. Provide your mobile number.
  3. Both of you will receive an SMS from Sahal Service confirming the transaction.

How do I check my Golis balance?


  1. Sim registration. Register your nearest Golis center. New sim at $2.
  2. Sim activation. Dial 320 and listen to the instructions.
  3. Buying prepaid plans. Buy your prepaid plans in two ways. Using *122#
  4. Check airtime balance. You can check your prepaid & postpaid balance in two ways. Dial *121#

Who is the CEO of Hormuud Telecom?

Ahmed Mohamed yusuf
Hormuud Telecom

Hormuud Telecom Logo
Type Private
Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Mogadishu, Somalia
Key people Ahmed Mohamed yusuf (CEO)

How do I buy hormuud data?

Hormuud Mobile internet bundles

  1. Dial *450*Number.
  2. Select Amount.
  3. The choose 2 to confirm.

When was hormuud created?

Hormuud was established in 2002 in Mogadishu, Somalia with a group of small shareholders and 16 telecommunication sites.

How do I check my Golis data balance?

You can check your prepaid & postpaid balance in two ways.

  1. Dial *121#
  2. Call 134.

How do I send money to Golis?

How do you use EVC plus?

Sign for EVC Plus in 4 easy steps:

  1. Dial *770# from your mobile.
  2. Choose your secret 4-digits PIN.
  3. Re-enter your secret 4 digits PIN to confirm.
  4. Your EVC Plus account will get activated.