What is loss of consortium?

What is loss of consortium?

Loss of consortium, a type of legal damage, refers to deprivation of the benefits of a relationship, usually between a husband and wife, including household duties, caregiving, companionship and sexual intimacy.

Can unmarried cohabitants claim loss of consortium?

Sanchez, the court ruled that “a claim for loss of consortium is not limited to married partners,” but most other courts have disagreed. According to one scholar, almost every court given the opportunity has denied the right of unmarried cohabitants to claim loss of consortium.

Does intent matter in a loss of consortium case?

In the Court’s view, loss of consortium did not depend upon intent to interfere with the marriage, but rather upon the intimate and predictable consequences of serious injury to a married person.

Is loss of Consortium a cause of action in Maine?

Loss of consortium has been brought into the law as a cause of action by civil codes, for example, in Maine or into the common law by action of justices. Other jurisdictions view loss of consortium as an element of damages, not as an independent cause of action; in which case the claim must be brought under another tort.

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Can a child file a loss of consortium claim?

Loss of consortium claims are not limited to the injured person’s legal spouse. In some states, the injured person’s young children, through their attorney, can also file a loss of consortium claim. The child’s attorney must prove that the parent’s injuries permanently changed their relationship.

Who can claim loss of consortium in New Mexico?

Who Can Claim Loss of Consortium? 1 Parents, Children and Loss of Consortium. But what about a child who loses a parent? 2 Cohabiting Partners and Loss of Consortium. As of 2012, New Mexico was the only state to allow loss of consortium claims for unmarried partners. 3 Loss of Consortium in Same Sex Marriage.