What is meta in DC Universe Online?

What is meta in DC Universe Online?

Meta refers to subjects that are beyond modern standards of reality. Such an example can be found in the term “Metahuman”; a term used to describe any being on planet Earth with abilities beyond human limits.

What powers can you have in DC Universe?


  • Fire, Ice, Earth, Rage and Atomic – These power sets have a Tank role option with higher defense, health and dominance.
  • Gadgets, Mental, Light, Quantum and Munitions – These power sets have a Controller role option with higher vitalization and dominance.

What is the best power in DC Universe Online?

When it comes to dishing out buffs to your allies and debuffs to your enemies, it’s hard to beat the celestial power. This power is all about dictating battles by manipulating both your allies and your enemies.

Is DC Universe Online Powers?

Choose from 15 incredible and distinct powers to wield that will define your character in DC Universe Online! Defense is the best offense. The power of flame allows you to shoot gust of fire creating massive damage to those nearby.

What do you do in DC Universe Online?

Once you hit level thirty, you’ll begin to play through the end-game content in DCUO. This includes Solo Missions, Duos, Alerts (Four-Player Instances), Raids (eight-Player Instances), and Ops, which can be either four or eight-player instances. There is a staggering amount of end-game content.

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How much does DC Universe infinite cost?

* 7-day free trial to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE available for new subscribers in the U.S. Payment method required. To avoid being charged, you must cancel before the end of the 7-day free trial. After your 7-day free trial, you will be charged $7.99/month or $74.99/year, plus applicable taxes.

Where is the metahuman located in the MCU?

Use of the term “Metahuman” in reference to superheroes was coined in 1986 by author George R. R. Martin, first in the Superworld role playing system, and then later in his Wild Cards series of novels. The Dominators speculate that the location of the Metagene is somewhere near the brain.