What is Rigpa meditation?

What is Rigpa meditation?

Rigpa (also called Atiyoga or Dzogchen) in Tibetan Buddhism is the highest possible way of meditation. The purpose of Rigpa is to go beyond concepts like object, time and space. When doing so more and more one can experience Unity with everything. In Buddhism Rigpa is the highest meditation type.

What is Mahamudra practice?

According to Reginald Ray, the “formless” practices, also called “Essence mahamudra,” is when “one engages directly in practices of abandoning discursive thinking and resting the mind in the clear, luminous awareness that is mahamudra.” The reason that preparatory practices and “form” practices like deity yoga and …

What is Bon in Tibet?

In early, records, “bon” denotes a particular type of priest who performed rituals to propitiate local spirits and ensure the well-being of the dead in the afterlife. It is only much later, under the influence of Buddhism, that “Bon” comes to designate pre-Buddhist Tibetan religious practices in general.

What is a Dzogchen meditation center retreat?

Dzogchen Meditation Center is a privately owned and operated retreat center not connected with any religious organization. All retreats are closed to the general public. Attendence at closed retreats is based on previous training and the ability of participants to follow retreat guidelines and protocals at DMC.

What is a Dzogchen teaching?

Dzogchen teachings (or Dzogpa Chenpo, “Great Perfection”) strip away all concepts about the true nature of consciousness, and give us a practical, direct, blissful path to understanding the true nature of reality – indeed, to the ultimate result of enlightenment.

What is Dzogchen-innate great perfection?

This is the teaching of the Innate Great Perfection – Dzogchen. Introducing us to Dzogchen is the life’s work of Lama Surya Das. here on our shores in modern times. the authentic Buddha within. It is the ultimate teaching of Tibet, the Natural Great Perfection.

Where did the Dzogchen tantras come from?

He collected the first Dzogchen instructions, called the Dzogchen Tantras, from the buddha Vajrasattva, who himself received the teachings from the primordial buddha Samantabhadra.