What is Sui Po in fengshui?

What is Sui Po in fengshui?

The Sui Po Direction changes from year to year and it is always a direction which opposes the direction known as the Tai Sui direction for the year. For example, in 2011, the Year of the Rabbit was associated with east. And the direction that opposes east is west.

What is Daji the goddess of?

Daji (Chinese: 妲己; pinyin: Dájǐ; Wade–Giles: Ta2-chi3) was the favorite consort of King Zhou of Shang, the last king of the Shang dynasty in ancient China. In legends and fictions, she is portrayed as a malevolent fox spirit who kills and impersonates the real Daji.

What is a Paolao?

King Zhou of Shang. On top of all those atrocities, Da Ji was best known for her invention of a device of torture called Paolao: a bronze cylinder heated like a furnace with charcoal until the sides were extremely hot. Then the victim would be bound on the cylinder and baked to death.

What does Daji mean in Chinese?

dǎ jī to hit to strike to attack to crack down on sth blow (psychological) shock percussion (music)

What is Year breaker?

Another breaker is the Year Breaker, the day that is directly clashing the animal sign of the year. For example, 2010 is a Tiger year so any Monkey day is a Year Breaker day.

How do you appease a Grand Duke?

To appease the Grand Duke and avoid being in his blacklist, those who submit their names to Tai Por Kong Temple will have their names, birth details and addresses printed onto an ornately inscribed pamphlet, which are offered as supplications to the Grand Duke during the prayer rituals.

What did Di Xin do?

When Zhou dynasty’s army, led by Jiang Ziya, defeated the Shang dynasty at the Battle of Muye in 1046 BC, Di Xin gathered all his treasures around himself in the Palace, and then set fire to his palace and committed suicide.

Is Daji a Tamamo?

During the Shang Dynasty Tamamo no Mae was known as Daji. She disguised herself as a beautiful woman and became the favorite concubine of King Zhou of Shang.

Who killed Daji?

Last week, news filtered in that a notorious cattle rustling kingpin, known as Buharin Daji, was killed by one of his former allies, identified as Dogo Gide. Buharin Daji was said to be the mastermind of many horrific crimes in Zamfara State.

What is a month breaker?

At the other end of the stick is the Month Breaker, the day that is directly against the energies of a particular Month. So, during any Dragon months, all Dog days are Month Breakers.

What is Grand Duke in BaZi?

In Chinese astrology, the Grand Duke is an energy force that you should not disturb or you may be afflicted with severe loss, illness and bad luck. But whether it is serious or not very much depends on whether the person has good luck as shown in their Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi).