What is the biggest buck shot in West Virginia?

What is the biggest buck shot in West Virginia?

“It grossed 195 0/8ths. There were 3 6/8ths in deductions for a final score of 191 2/8ths.,” Dowdy said. The official Pope and Young Score makes Dalton’s buck the largest, typical whitetail buck ever killed in West Virginia. The score beat Chad Scyphers buck from McDowell County killed in 2014.

Where are the biggest deer in West Virginia?

Jody Dalton’s Wyoming County bow buck is the biggest typical taken in Mountain State history.

What county in WV has the biggest bucks?

Once again, the Big Game Bulletin statistics break down which counties produced the most whitetails per square mile for each discipline. For firearm-killed bucks, Upshur was the hands-down winner at 3.08 per square mile. Next on the list was Mineral at 2.79, followed by Barbour and Wood at 2.58.

Where is the best deer hunting in West Virginia?

With no further ado, here they are:

  1. Lewis County. For long-time observers of the Mountain State deer-hunting scene, Lewis County’s spot atop the rankings should come as no surprise.
  2. Preston County.
  3. Ritchie County.
  4. Monongalia County.
  5. Jackson County.
  6. Monroe County.
  7. Mason County.
  8. Braxton County.

How many deer were killed in West Virginia last year?

during hunting seasons declines slightly. CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — The number of white-tailed deer killed in West Virginia during the recently completed hunting seasons fell slightly compared to a year ago. Wildlife officials said hunters killed 105,278 deer last year – a 1.5% drop from the 106,861 deer killed in 2020.

What’s the biggest buck ever killed in Virginia?

The state record is a 31-point buck taken by Jim Smith in Warren County during the 1992 muzzleloading season. It scored 259 7/8 Boone and Crockett and 296 Virginia style.

Can you bait deer in WV?

Only one antlered deer may be taken on each area for all seasons (archery, crossbow, buck firearms, muzzleloader and Mountaineer Heritage) combined. It is illegal to bait or feed wildlife on all public lands.

What are the 4 bow only counties in WV?

McDowell, Mingo, Wyoming and Logan counties are all designated as West Virginia’s bow-only hunting counties! In 1979, these counties were designated as bow-only hunting regions due to declined deer population, and since then it has become a mecca for bow hunting on the east coast!

What is the record for non-typical Buck kills in West Virginia?

The Kermit resident’s 1997 kill obliterated West Virginia’s long-standing record for non-typical racks and, 20 years later, still holds the record. Records are meant to be broken, but it’s hard to imagine that any West Virginia buck will ever equal one killed more than 20 years ago.

Where can I hunt big bucks in West Virginia?

Fayette and Kanawha counties are the place in West Virginia for big bucks if you are up to the hike it takes to find them. West Virginia is known as the Mountain State for good reason. Go to almost any part of the state to deer hunt and you will see what I mean.

Did Jess Kelly kill a record-breaking Buck in West Virginia?

In 2002, Jess Kelly killed a Fayette County 15-pointer that scored 2200/8 but still fell 115/8 inches short. Any time someone kills a record-breaking buck in West Virginia, rumors about the kill inevitably arise.

How many bucks did Fayette County Hunt in 2015?

Fayette County’s buck harvest has remained stable over the past 5 years, with the exception of a drop in 2014 (725 bucks) followed by moderate bump in 2015 (1,214 bucks),” Dowdy said. The District Four biologist went on to explain that Fayette County’s deer habitat varies greatly from the eastern side of the county to the western side.