What is the code for Bindi?

What is the code for Bindi?

33049940 – Other: Sindur, Bindi, Kum Kum HS Code and Indian Harmonised System Code.

HS Code Item Description
33 Chapter 33: Essential Oils and Resinoids; Perfumery Cosmetics or Toilet Preparations

What is the code for okra?

HS Code 07099930 | Harmonized System Code Okra/Lady Finger (Bhindi)

What is taric code?

The Taric Code is defined as a tariff code intended for the classification of goods at customs. Its ultimate purpose is the declaration of goods, the calculation of duties and the recording of statistics.

What are Bindis made of?

Made from vermillion powder and sindoor, people of South Asian descent wear the bindi to signify their marriage status or as a cultural symbol. Children and single people are also known to wear the bindi.

What is HS code UK?

You will need to use the Harmonised System ( HS ) to classify your goods and check they meet the rules of origin. It is an internationally standardised system of description and numbers and forms the first part of the: 10-digit commodity code used to classify goods when importing them into the UK.

What is a HS code UK?

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What do the numbers mean in a US Customs Code?

The first two digits designate for the HS Chapter. The second two digits designate for the HS heading. The third two digits for designate the HS subheading. In the 8 to 10 digits code, the last 2-4 digits are regional tariffs and national tariffs which are changed by the customs authority of different economies.

What is the structure of ITC Code in India?

The Indian HS code classifications structure has 21 sections with about 99 chapters, 1244 headings, and 5224 subheadings. Any trade whether import or export, irrespective of turnover ITC (HS) should be 8 digits code

How to get Harmonized System code import data for India?

Export Import Data Solutions provides all Harmonized System Code import data for India. You can select code from the given list of HS code for any product and get import data for the chosen code. View Import samples of your selected product.