What is the difference between duration and work?

What is the difference between duration and work?

Effort (also referred to as Work) is the actual time required to complete the task. Duration is the total amount of time in which the user has to complete the task. For example, you might have a task that only takes 2 hours to physically complete, but that task can be completed anytime over the next week.

What is fixed duration effort driven?

What does it mean? It means that no matter how many Resources will work on the Task, it should have fixed, and unchanged duration. On the other hand, effort driven means that if you add another resource to the Task, all Resources should work less hours.

What is duration work?

Duration of the Work means the number of days from a Job Order Notice to Proceed to Substantial Completion.

What is the difference between fixed work and fixed duration in MS Project?

Fixed Duration is the duration of a task that’s deemed to be constant (fixed). Any changes to the assigned units or work does not affect the duration of the task. Fixed Work is the amount of work of a task that’s deemed to be constant (fixed).

Why can activity duration be different than the estimated work effort?

Duration is measured in hours, days, weeks, months, or years. Duration can only be calculated once we determine who will perform the task, how many people are going to perform the task, and whether they are available to perform the task at a reliable level of availability.

What does units mean in MS Project?

Units indicate the percentage of a work resource’s time that is assigned to a task. There are two types of units in Project: maximum units and assignment units.

What is duration unit?

Duration equals Work divided by Units. Let’s say that Work is 40 hours. The resource is going to work on the task full-time, that is, 100%. Doing the math gives you a Duration of 40 hours, which is the same as five work days. Switching the formula around, Work equals Duration times Units.

What is the duration unit work formula?

Duration = Work/assignment Units: This equation is the E=MC² of Project. It means that, given the other settings in Project—like how many hours in a day, etc. —the assignment Duration (in hours) is equal to the assignment Work (in hours) divided by the assignment Units value.

What is slack in a Project schedule?

Slack, also called float, is the amount of time a task can slip before it bumps into another task. It’s automatically calculated into your project when you schedule tasks, and you can use it as buffer time if needed when your schedule is at risk of being delayed.

What is the difference between fixed work and fixed duration?

Fixed work and fixed duration are common measurements used in assessing the time budgeted in project management. The primary difference between these terms is that work is normally measured in hours, while duration is measured in days. If you plan a whole day to work a task, for instance, the duration is one day and the work is eight hours.

What is the difference between fixed units and fixed duration?

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  • What does fixed duration mean in Microsoft Project?

    Microsoft Definition: Fixed Duration –”A task in which the duration is a fixed value and any changes to the work or the assigned units [that is, resources] don’t affect the task’s duration.” Project Bible Definition: Fixed Duration – “The number of resources does not affect the timing of this type of task. To allow a week

    What is difference between working capital and fixed capital?

    Fixed Capital and Working Capital Differences. The primary difference between fixed capital and working capital is that Fixed Capital is the capital which is invested by the company in procuring the fixed assets required for the working of the business whereas working capital is the capital which is required by the company for the purpose of financing its day to day operations.