What is the difference between MDF&particle board?

What is the difference between MDF&particle board?

Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, and particle board are both pressed wood products often used for cabinets, shelving, furniture and paneling. The two materials share similarities in terms of price, density, strength and durability. MDF, made from fine wood fiber, is primarily used in cabinetry, shelving, furniture and molding.

What is MDF board made of?

MDF board has many benefits besides the low cost. For one, it’s stronger than particle board (which is made from compressed sawdust) and is often made with a veneer to create the look of a solid wood board. Compared with hardwood, MDF is lighter, the chemicals within repel termites, and it doesn’t warp much in humid weather.

What is MDF used for in construction?

MDF, made from fine wood fiber, is primarily used in cabinetry, shelving, furniture and molding. It’s easier to mill than particle board, is less prone to tearing and chipping, and works well for projects that utilize complicated and elaborate shapes.

Is MDF board toxic?

MDF board is raising some health concerns because it’s made with an adhesive containing urea-formaldehyde (or urea-methanal formaldehyde), which “off-gasses” into its surroundings. One study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that high levels of this formaldehyde can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat.

Is particle board or MDF better for the environment?

Nevertheless, both particle board and MDF feature the same compositions in such a way that they are made from a chunk of lumbers – making them environmental-friendly. However, you’ll just have to consider the fact that the binders and glues of particle board and MDF commonly have formaldehyde which is gradually exuded from the panel through a gas.

How much does a sheet of MDF weigh?

According to Popular Woodworking, a full sheet of ¾ inch MDF is 97 lbs. A sheet of particleboard typically weighs 85 lbs. A sheet of veneer-core birch plywood, by comparison, comes in at 60 lbs. Extra weight means joints in moveable furniture have to be extra strong.

What is the difference between MDF and plywood?

While the surfaces of the two composite wood are usually smoother than that of plywood, MDF takes a much crisper edge than particleboard. This is because MDF does not have knots or kinks which disturbs the smooth surface. Besides, you can paint or stain the MDF and this will give it a look just the same as real wood.