What is the difference between the digit forward and digit backward versions of the digit span tests?

What is the difference between the digit forward and digit backward versions of the digit span tests?

Digit Span Forward requires the child to repeat numbers in the same order as read aloud by the examiner, and Digit Span Backward requires the child to repeat the numbers in the reverse order of that presented by the examiner.

What is letter number sequencing?

Letter-number sequencing is a subtest of the WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) and the WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children). It is a test that measures an individual’s short-term memory skills in being able to process and re-sequence information.

Why is digit span test used?

The digit span test is a very short test that evaluates a person’s cognitive status. It is frequently used in hospitals and physicians’ offices in order for a clinician to quickly evaluate whether a patient’s cognitive abilities are normal or impaired.

What is the average digit span?

The average digit span for normal adults without error is seven plus or minus two. However, memory span can be expanded dramatically – in one case to 80 digits – by learning a sophisticated mnemonic system of recoding rules by which substrings of 5 to 10 digits are translated into one new chunk.

What does Digit Span on the WAIS-IV measure?

The Digit Span score is the length of the longest correctly repeated sequence. The DST-score is an indication of intelligence among other tests. In the data-file the sequences are referred to as levels. This means that when the longest repeated sequence is 7, the participant reached level 7 in one of trials.

Can you think of a reason why word span is on average shorter than digit span?

Even if said at a fast pace, numbers are easier to remember. If a researcher rapidly lists a set of words, some words stand out more than others and you are able to remember a few, but not a lot of the words. These statements can demonstrate why digit span is longer than word span.

What is a good digit span?

Is digit span sequencing similar to arithmetic?

Digit Span has a moderate correlation between test editions (r =.77). Arithmetic is a complex measure requiring a number of cognitive skills of which working memory in the form of phonological loop and mental manipulation are the primary components. Like Digit Span Sequencing, Arithmetic requires an active form of mental manipulation.

What does the digit span subtest measure?

The Digit Span subtest includes three tasks: Digit Span Forward (DSF), Digit Span Backward (DSB), and the new Digit Span Sequencing (DSS). DSF measures short-term memory, not working memory.

How do digit span and letter-number sequencing measure auditory memory?

Both digit span and letter-number sequencing measure children’s auditory memory by requiring them to first pay adequate attention and concentrate and then verbally reproduce information they have memorized at the working memory level 29 .

How many students performed the letter number sequencing task (LNS)?

A total of 102 undergraduate students performed the Letter Number Sequencing (LNS) task in addition to a series of other measures of reading, working memory, motor execution, visuo-spatial memory, and executive functions. Performance on the LNS was uniquely contributed to by reading level, digit spa …