What is the frequency for Jazz FM?

What is the frequency for Jazz FM?

102.2 Jazz FM – Wikipedia.

Who owns Jazz FM Toronto?

CJRT-FM (91.1 MHz) is a Canadian public radio station in Toronto, Ontario, known as JAZZ….CJRT-FM.

Owner CJRT-FM Inc.
First air date 1949
Former frequencies 88.3 MHz (1949-1950)

What frequency is Jazz FM in Toronto?

FM 91.1 FM
JAZZ. FM91, CJRT-FM 91.1 FM, Toronto, Canada | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What year did jazz begin?

It was a meeting, a mixing, a melding of many cultures, many emotions and many skills. Some say jazz grew out the drumming and Voodoo rituals that took place in New Orleans’ Congo Square before the Civil War. Others say jazz was born in 1895, the year Buddy Bolden started his first band.

What channel is the jazz radio?

List of jazz radio stations in the United States

Station Frequency Channel State
KRTU-FM 91.7 MHz Texas
KRWV-LP 99.3 MHz Arizona
KSBR 88.5 MHz California
KSDS 88.3 MHz California

Is Jazz FM still available?

You can find Jazz FM on your digital radio. You may need to re-scan your DAB to ensure the discoverable stations on your digital radio are up to date.

How do I get Jazz FM?

On the app: Download or update the official JAZZ. FM91 app for your iOS or Android device. On the web: Listen directly on the web at jazz.fm.

What is jazz FM91?

More than just a radio station, JAZZ.FM91 is Canada’s only broadcaster and registered not-for-profit charitable arts organization dedicated to enriching the cultural, educational and community experience of their audience.

What is the best jazz station in Canada?

Jazz Music Description: AZZ.FM91 is Canada’s Jazz Station, broadcasting all the best in jazz music, interviews, documentaries, news, and events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across Southern Ontario and Western New York at FM91.1 and around the world on cable, satellite, and the Internet at www.jazz.fm.

How do I host my own radio show on FM91?

Make a donation to JAZZ.FM91 and you can host your own 30-minute radio show on your favourite station. You program it, we record it and then we put it on the air. Host it by yourself or with your favourite JAZZ.FM91 personality. Join Jaymz Bee for a three-hour love-fest of all things local.

What is the All Request Hour on FM91?

We’re turning the JAZZ.FM91 playlist over to you. The All Request Hour is your opportunity to hear your favorite music, just when you need it: right in the middle of your workday. Have your say on the music we play. Email [email protected], or message…