What is the history of National Bookstore?

What is the history of National Bookstore?

It operates a bookstore and office-supplies store chain of the same name….National Book Store.

Type Private
Founded Manila, Philippines (1942)
Founder Socorro Cancio-Ramos José Ramos
Headquarters G/F Quad Alpha Centrum, 125 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong 1550, Metro Manila, Philippines
Key people Socorro Cancio-Ramos (Chairman)

What was the book store before Bam?

At present, BAM has one store in Chicago and nine in the greater Washington area. Now the de facto second largest chain by revenue, Books-A-Million was known as Bookland in 1991 when it was the sixth largest chain and its outlets operated under the Books-A-Million, Gateway, and Bookland names.

How many national bookstore are there in the Philippines?

National Book Store is the largest bookstore chain in the Philippines with 128 branches in the country.

What is the tagline of National Bookstore?

It has a slogan “THE TOTAL BOOKSTORE” and “where the only thing less is the price.” All of the books that were published from them until 1996 have the list of branches and stores of it, on the left side of it shows that National Book Store is member of PAPI (Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc.)

Who is the founder of National Book Store in the Philippines?

The name Socorro “Coring” Ramos may not ring any bells for some people. She, however, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Philippines for founding the largest bookstore chain in the country – National Book Store.

Who is the founder of National Book Store?

Socorro Ramos
José Ramos
National Book Store/Founders

Who owns second and Charles?

Clyde B. Anderson
In September 2010, the company launched 2nd & Charles, a trader of used media, with its first store in Hoover, Alabama across from Riverchase Galleria. That year, it opened its first store in North Alabama. In December 2015, the company was acquired by its chairman, Clyde B. Anderson, and his family, for $21 million.

Who founded National Book Store?

Who is the CEO of National Book Store?

Socorro Ramos, known as Nanay Coring, is the founder of National Book Store, the largest bookstore chain in the Philippines. She has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She loves to read and learn. But Nanay Coring was once so poor she could not afford to go to school.

When was National Book Store founded?

1942, Manila, PhilippinesNational Book Store / Founded

How Socorro Ramos started National Book Store?

The couple started the first National Book store as a stall shop in Escolta selling supplies, GI novels and textbooks. Unable to pay for extra help, Ramos worked not only as manager but also as a cashier, the buyer, seller, concierge, and an assistant.

Who owns National Book Store in the Philippines?

1. The owners, Soccoro Cancio and Jose Ramos, met at a bookstore. “Nanay Coring,” as she is lovingly called by family and National Book Store’s employees and partners, had just finished high school when she met her future husband, “Tatay” Jose Ramos.