What is the main benefit of letting the narrator?

What is the main benefit of letting the narrator?

However, the main benefit of letting the narrator describe a human’s inability to stop nature is that It creates tension in that all events are seen against coming failure and grief.

Why can’t Victor marry Elizabeth right away?

The monster persuades Frankenstein to do this by telling him that having a mate will mean that he will no longer have to kill people. Victor, possibly scared at what the monster might do to him, refuses to marry Elizabeth until he has cobbled together a new mate for his fiendish creation.

Who actually killed Henry Clerval?

Victor Frankenstein

Why does the author use only victor’s information in this passage victor is the one who wrote the novel readers enjoy multiple perspectives it allows Victor to tell the story it prevents readers from knowing the ending?

Victor is one of the narrators, but he is not the author, he is not the person who wrote the novel. That is Mary Shelley. Therefore, we can conclude that using only Victor’s information means the author wanted to tell this part of the story from his perspective, wanted to allow him to tell the story.

Why do authors use rhetorical questions in paragraph 6?

39 Option B is correct A rhetorical question is a question that is asked in order to create a dramatic effect or to make a point rather than get an answer. The author uses rhetorical questions in paragraph 6 to illustrate a shift in her perspective regarding wildlife habitats.

Why did the monster kill Henry?

In Frankenstein, the monster kills Henry Clerval as an act of retribution. The monster is filled with rage after watching Victor destroy the female companion that he had longed for, so he kills Victor’s friend out of revenge.

Why does the author use the word exploded on page 5?

to emphasize the impressive amount of new. ideas that were generated in a short amount. of time.

What does the monster do on Victor’s wedding night?

The letter reminds him of the monster’s threat that he will be with Victor on his wedding night. He believes that the monster intends to attack him and resolves that he will fight back. Finally, the wedding takes place, and Victor and Elizabeth depart for a family cottage to spend the night.