What is the meaning of Ascension?

What is the meaning of Ascension?

Religion 1 “Ascension”, “Assumption”, or “Translation”, the belief in some religions that some individuals have ascended into Heaven without dying first 2 Ascension of Jesus 3 Feast of the Ascension (Ascension day), an annual day of feast commemorating Jesus’ ascension; a public holiday in several countries

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What day did the Ascension take place?

According to the New Testament narrative, the Ascension occurred on the fortieth day counting from the resurrection.

Is the Ascension a puzzle?

Theologian James Dunn describes the Ascension as at best a puzzle and at worst an embarrassment for an age that no longer conceives of a physical Heaven located above the Earth.

What is the significance of the Ascension in Eastern Orthodox icons?

The Eastern Orthodox portrayal of the Ascension is a major metaphor for the mystical nature of the Church. In many Eastern icons the Virgin Mary is placed at the center of the scene in the earthly part of the depiction, with her hands raised towards Heaven, often accompanied by various Apostles.