What is the punishers personality?

What is the punishers personality?

He is cold-blooded and cruel when it comes to killing criminals, but he cares about the lives of innocent civilians. He is a borderline sociopath who is obsessed with killing criminals – he does not just solve crime, he brutally punishes those who commit such acts.

What is The Punisher’s real name?

Frank Castle
The Punisher (Frank Castle) | Characters | Marvel.

What is Frank Castle personality?

Frank Castle was an honest ex-Marine with a family he loved. But when that family was murdered, he became a vigilante with a uniquely brutal brand of justice.

What was Frank Castle’s military rank?

Artistic License – Military: Frank Castle’s military rank is a curious example. He is identified as a “21-year-old Captain”.

What is the punishers weakness?

Intelligence: Extremely efficient planner and marksman, Has prior military training. Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, Finite amount of ammunition.

What is Punisher skull?

The white skull emblem on his chest is used both to intimidate his enemies and to lure their fire to the more heavily protected area of his armor. The design was supposedly taken from either a Vietcong sniper, or the demon Olivier.

Is Daredevil stronger than Punisher?

Punisher may be strong, but Daredevil is far stronger.

Was Frank Castle a Navy SEAL?

A military prodigy, he gained expertise in weapons and reconnaissance and became an expert sniper. He also received demolition training as a Navy SEAL, and served in Special Forces during the Vietnam War, where his particular taste for violence first emerged.

Can Daredevil beat the Punisher?

1 Winner: Daredevil Often, Frank Castle’s guns are what have given him the edge. Despite Punisher’s weapons training, Daredevil’s superior martial arts skills and training give him the edge, as does his ability to call on allies for backup.