What is the standard size of a cast iron skillet?

What is the standard size of a cast iron skillet?

Every skillet size has its purpose. The most popular size cast iron skillet is the 10-inch will cook two steaks or a steak and eggs comfortably. Generally, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch are the average size skillets found in households as they fit on standard size ranges and suit singles, couples, and families.

What is the most popular cast iron skillet size?

10 inches
10 inches is the most popular size cast iron skillet. They can handle one to two steaks at a time, or up to four chicken thighs, ideal for a family of four. They’re also a medium weight, so you won’t struggle when moving them from the range to the oven. 11 inches and above are good for a crowd or for batch cooking.

Is a 10 inch cast iron skillet measured at the top or bottom?

“The industry standard is to measure the skillet across the top. So when a recipe calls for an 8-, 10-, or 12-inch skillet, measure it across the top rim to rim,” she instructs.

How do I know what size my cast iron skillet is?

Ever wonder what that number on the handle of your cast-iron skillet means? It’s not, as you might think, the size of the pan. The number actually refers to the diameter of the pan in inches across the bottom of the pan, not across its flared top, which is the industry standard way to measure skillet size.

What size is a number 8 cast iron skillet?

about 10.5 inches
Take a look at the vintage cast iron skillet pictured below. This is a Griswold size #8 and it measures about 10.5 inches in diameter.

What size is a 7 cast iron skillet?

No. Top Diameter in inches Bottom Diameter in inches
6 9 1/8 7 1/2
7 9 7/8 8 1/4
8 10 5/8 8 7/8
9 11 3/8 9 1/2

What is a standard size skillet?

Depending on your menu and number of guests, use a skillet between the 13.25 inch and 15 inch skillet. What is the average skillet size? Our two most popular skillet sizes are the 10.25 inch and 12 inch and fit nicely on standard ranges. If you’re ready to feed a crowd, you’ll want a larger skillet.

What size is a #12 cast iron skillet?

No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet, 13 ⅜ inches

No. 4 No. 12
Top Diameter 6 ¾” 13 ⅜”
Cooking Surface 5 ¾” 11 ½”
Wall Height 1 ⅜” 2 ¼”
Total Length 11 ⅝” 19 ½”

What is number 8 cast iron?

Why the number “8”? – Our cookware uses traditional American cast iron sizing metrics dating back to the 1800’s. The numbers correlate to the size of eyes on antique wood stoves as cast iron cookware and wood stoves often went hand in hand. The number 8 is traditionally a top diameter 10.5″ skillet.

What size is a number 8 cast iron pan?

This is a Griswold size #8 and it measures about 10.5 inches in diameter.

What number is a 10 cast iron skillet?

No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet, 10 ¼ inches

No. 4 No. 10
Top Diameter 6 ¾” 11 ⅝”
Cooking Surface 5 ¾” 9 ¾”
Wall Height 1 ⅜” 2 ⅛”
Total Length 11 ⅝” 16 ⅛”

What is the best brand of cast iron skillet?

“Lodge History & Legacy” delves specifically into the brand’s history promises plenty of “rare cast iron collections,” the top billing has to go to this new World’s Largest Cast Iron Skillet. Lodge tweeted that there will be “more information about

What are the best cast iron brands?

Best Amazon Reviews: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

  • Best Splurge: Le Creuset Signature Skillet
  • Best Craftsmanship: Smithey No.
  • Most Durable: Staub Skillet
  • Best Newcomer: Field Cast Iron Skillet
  • Best Value: Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet
  • Best for Pouring: Finex Fry Pan
  • Best Style: Staub Vintage Skillet
  • What are the best cast iron fry pans?

    – Staub 28cm Crepe Pan. – Prestige Eco 24cm Non-Stick Frying Pan. – Lakeland Forged Aluminium 25cm Crêpe Pan. – Tefal 25cm Non-Stick Frying Pan. – Le Creuset 24cm toughened non-stick crepe pan. – Lakeland Mini Electric Pancake Maker Silver.

    What is the best cast iron cookware?

    Cast-iron handheld vs. nonstick electric.

  • Waffle shape. Cast iron waffle makers are available for both American- and Belgian-style waffles.
  • Solid cast-iron construction. Since they feature solid cast iron and don’t have plastic components,cast-iron waffle makers can handle high heat,drops and scratches without warping,bending or melting.