What is the stile of a door?

What is the stile of a door?

Stiles – This is the collective name for the vertical components that sit on the outside edge of a door. Lock stile – This is the vertical edge of the door which sits on the opposite side of the door to the hinges, and contains the lock or latch.

How wide should door stiles be?

Stiles that divide cabinets in the center are typically 2 inches in width, but some custom cabinet makers use 3-inch stiles throughout the cabinet. Modular or prefabricated cabinets often use 2-inch wide stiles for everything. The width of a stile may be altered by 1/2 inch depending on design, routing or molding.

What is a cabinet door stile?

Stile – The vertical-framing members of a cabinet face frame or cabinet door.

What is the difference between rail and stile?

Stile and rail doors are basically doors that come with panels; in other words, they’re not just flat wood doors. The stile refers to the vertical pieces on the door, while the rail is the horizontal pieces. The panels of the door fit in between the stiles and rails.

Why is it called a stile?

Origin of stile From Middle English stile, style, stiȝele, from Old English stiġel (“stile, set of steps for getting over a fence”), from Proto-Germanic *stigilō (“entry, entrance, overpass, device for climbing, stile”), equivalent to sty (“to ascend, climb”) +‎ -le.

What are rail doors?

Stile and rail doors are constructed from horizontal rails and vertical stiles, with panels secured in between. Together, they give the illusion of a single carved piece of wood. Unlike a flat panel or flush wood door, making a stile and rail door requires more precise and complex construction techniques.

Should rails and stiles be the same size?

They should always be at least the same width as the stiles, but some cabinetmakers add 1/2 to 1 inch to the width for aesthetic reasons. Rail width is a matter of personal preference. To make the doors or end panels appear more substantial, make the rails 1 inch wider than the stiles.

How do you measure for stiles?

Find the Dimensions of the Rails and Stiles The length of the stiles will be equal to the height of the door. The width of the rails is equal to the width of the door, minus the width of 2 stiles, plus the depth of the panel groove / connection joint on each stile.

Do I need a center stile?

Center stiles were originally used to keep cabinets and doors from sagging. However, carpenters now use more durable materials for construction, so center stiles are not always necessary. Center stiles are still used for an old-fashioned appearance, and they are often designed to use with latches, deadbolts or shelves.

What is rail and stile cabinet door?

The cabinet door frame is held together by a joint between the edge of the “stiles” (the vertical members of the frame) and the ends of the “rails” (the horizontal members of the frame).

What is a medium stile door?

Tubelite Standard Medium Stile Entrances are designed for moderate-to-heavy use in commercial applications. Standard Medium Stile has 4″ vertical stiles and top rail, and 6-1/2″ bottom rail – optional up to 10″ for ADA compliance.

Is a stile and rail door solid core?

SOLID STILE AND RAIL Panels are usually MDF and have crisper milled details than molded doors; their skins are either wood veneer or a smooth layer of MDF. These are heavier and more expensive than so-called solid-core doors.

What is a stile and rail door?

Sharp Details Primed stile and rail doors join components together to create sharp shadow lines with a 90 degree Shaker sticking. True 90 degree angle provides sharp detail. 1 1 Solid wood engineered core for added strength, stability and reduced sound transmission. 2 2 Stile & Rail

What are your stave core door stiles made of?

Our stave core door stiles are manufactured using various softwood and hardwood species. Our standard stock cores are manufactured from white oak, pine, sapele or poplar. We can accommodate custom orders from any species to build cores to customer specifications.

Why choose in-stock interior primed stile&rail doors?

REEB ® IN-STOCK INTERIOR PRIMED STILE & RAIL DOORS INTERIOR DOORS Introduction Primed stile and rail doors are an ideal choice for homeowners seeking to add a clean look to their Modern, Traditional or Craftsman style homes.

What is an engineered wood door stile?

An engineered wood door stile, which many people refer to as “stave core”, with veneer cut away to display the core and edgebands. Engineered wood door stiles and rails machine beautifully whether S4S or in the rough. We provide engineered products for both the door and window industry.