What is the vapor density of ethane?

What is the vapor density of ethane?

1.355 kg/m3

Molecular weight: 30.07 Critical temperature: 305.33 K
Melting point: 89.88 K Critical pressure: 4.872 MPa
Normal boiling point: 184.52 Critical density: 206.6 kg/m3
Normal vapor density: 1.355 kg/m3 (@ 273.15K; 1.0135MPa)

Does methane or ethane have a higher vapor pressure?

The critical pressure of methane is 46.99 bar, ethane is 48.72 bar and propane is 42.48 bar.

What is the enthalpy of vaporization of ethane?

Enthalpy of vaporization

ΔvapH (kJ/mol) 17.1
Temperature (K) 129.
Method N/A
Reference Carruth and Kobayashi, 1973

At what temperature does ethane become a liquid?


Density 1.3562 kg/m3 (gas at 0 °C) 544.0 kg/m3 (liquid at -88,5 °C) 206 kg/m3 (at critical point 305.322 K)
Melting point −182.8 °C; −296.9 °F; 90.4 K
Boiling point −88.5 °C; −127.4 °F; 184.6 K
Solubility in water 56.8 mg L−1

What is the vapor pressure of ch4?

Chemical, Physical and Thermal Properties of Methane – CH4. Phase diagram included.

Property Value Unit
Triple point pressure 0.011696 bar
Triple point temperature 90.69 °C
Vapor (saturation) pressure 62.12 mm Hg
Vapor (saturation) pressure at 38 °C /100 °F 34.47 mm Hg

What is ethane and methane?

Methane and ethane are simple organic molecules. These are alkane compounds. Both methane and ethane are colorless and odorless gaseous compounds at room temperature. Methane is a major greenhouse gas. Although ethane is also a greenhouse gas, it is less abundant in the atmosphere.

What is CH3CH2OH vapor pressure?

The vapor pressure of ethanol, CH3CH2OH, at 25.0 °C is 7.87 kPa.

What is the vapor pressure of CH4?

Is ethane a liquid?

Ethane, refrigerated liquid appears as a colorless odorless very cold liquid. Boils at -88.6°C.

What is the vapor pressure of hexane?

We report 54 vapour pressures of n-hexane over the temperature and pressure range from (315.7 K, 41.1 kPa) to (504.0 K, 2876.8 kPa), which is about 3 K and 150 kPa below the critical point.

What products are made from ethane?

Ethane is mainly used to produce ethylene, a feedstock to make plastics. Ethane is mainly used to produce ethylene, which is then used by the petrochemical industry to produce a range of intermediate products, most of which are converted into plastics.

What is critical pressure of ethane?

In order to deliver the ethane mixture at pressure of 5.3 MPa (769 psia), for option A this liquid is pumped to a pressure of 13.6 MPa (1972 psia) before entering the pipeline. Due to pumping, the feed temperature rises from 13.6 MPa (1972 psia) before entering the pipeline.

Is ethanol vapor lighter than air?

Ethanol is very flammable over a wide range of concentrations in air. Because ethanol vapor is heavier than air it presents unique safety concerns. Ethanol plants are inherently dangerous. Ethanol is also toxic and hazardous.

What has the highest vapor pressure butane ethanol or toluene?

Thus, butane will have the highest vapor pressure at −10°C and toluene the lowest. Critical temperature is the temperature above which the gas cannot become a liquid no matter how great the applied pressure.

Is ethane a gas at room temperature?

The simplest alkene, a colorless gaseous (at room temperature and pressure) hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C 2 H 4. Ethane noun The same compound, subjected to modification by replacing one or more of the hydrogen atoms with other radicals.