What is the weakness of ethnography?

What is the weakness of ethnography?

Ethnographic research has several disadvantages to consider as well. Ethnography is time consuming and requires a well-trained researcher. It takes time to build trust with informants in order to facilitate full and honest discourse. Short-term studies are at a particular disadvantage in this regard.

What is considered field work?

Field work is the process of observing and collecting data about people, cultures, and natural environments. Field work enables students and researchers to examine the way scientific theories interact with real life.

What are the strengths of ethnographic research?

Ethnographic Research Benefits:

  • Marketers Get a More Realistic Picture.
  • Uncovers Extremely Valuable Insight.
  • Pinpoint Business Needs & Make Accurate Predictions.
  • Extended Observations.
  • Higher Scope of Available Data.
  • Ethnography Requires Time.
  • Creating a Normal Environment Isn’t Always Easy.
  • It’s More Difficult to Recruit.

How long does ethnographic fieldwork typically last?

six weeks

Why do we need to spend a prolonged period of time when we are doing a ethnography research?

Traditionally, ethnographers spent a minimum of one year living amongst members of the culture they are studying. This extended period of data collection allowed local people a chance to know and get used to the ethnographer, and this also allowed the ethnographer to build rapport with local people.

What are the main focuses of ethnographic research?

Ethnographic research has an interest in culture and cultural meanings with an emphasis on the ’emic’ or ‘the insider’ view. Ethnographies are based on fieldwork among the people whose culture is under study. Ethnography focuses on interpretation, understanding and representation.

What does ethnography mean in research?

Definition: “The study of the culture and social organization of a particular group or community… Ethnography refers to both the data gathering of anthropology and the development of analysis of specific peoples, settings, or ways of life.”

What is classic ethnography?

Classic ethnographic research involves a detailed description of the whole of a culture outside of the country of origin of the researcher. In essence, ethnography is done to get the story of a people from those people and has been referred to as “culture writing.”